covid - 19 updates


covid - 19 updates


covid - 19 updates


covid - 19 updates


covid - 19 updates

What to Expect on arrival to one of our Centres



Hand Sanitizing

  • All customers and site visitors will be asked to use hand sanitizer at check-in and also on departure.

  • Hand sanitizer stations have been installed, are clearly signposted and are located in key areas or buildings around the site

  • Each of our instructors will carry around a 500ml bottle of hand sanitizer while on activities


  • Pre-booking will be essential for the initial reopening phases to gain entry to the site

  • We will be minimising the volume of people on-site at any one time by carefully timetabling activity slots throughout the day. 

  • Each time slot will have a set capacity so please check your booking and arrive in time for yours.


  • To control the maximum numbers in checking in at any one time we will have a clearly marked queuing system as you will be familiar with in supermarkets. Please adhere to the system and we will get you onto activities as soon as possible.

  • If you have all your online paperwork complete, during busy hours we will have a staff member manning a fast track check-in outside to further speed up the process

Group size

  • We have reduced the ratios of participants and staff on our activities at any one time. In turn, creating a fun personable experience in a social distancing safe way.

Other people onsite

  • As our sites span dozens of acres there may be several small groups on site. However, each group has its own designated segment of the site to complete their activities under the supervision of one of our instructors.

  • This will ensure that groups do not inter-mix and social distancing measures can be responsibly adhered to.

Café & Food Vendor

  • We will be operating a one-way flow system that minimises close contact with anyone else.

  • Staff members will drop off orders to you, to avoid congregation while waiting for food or beverages.

  • A pre-order service is available to collect food after activities / during lunch

Changing rooms

  • Additional changing rooms are now available onsite

  • Changing room capacities have also been updated and are clearly signposted for individuals and households.


  • People are welcome to bring and wear their own PPE and we expect some to do so.

  • Our staff have been trained and will carry appropriate PPE with them. However, the PPE is primarily for specific incidents that may arise

    • First Aid situations

    • Standard rescues and assistance at heights

    • Cleaning staff during disinfectant deep cleaning

    • In general, you will not regularly encounter our staff in PPE as we have put a large amount of effort into increasing our social distancing and activity operating procedures to allow us to work safely for the protection of you, the customer, and also our staff team.

    • Government guidelines will be continuously monitored and our staff Covid-19 training is updated weekly and delivered online.


Feeling unwell

  • All participants are asked not to attend their event in the case that they are feeling unwell.

  • Every staff member has their health monitored and temperatures checked on arrival to work.

  • We have a dedicated plan and team in place for any person(s) that feel unwell while onsite.

The Sites in General

  • Please take note of all signage and staff instructions to help with our efforts to minimise the spread of the virus and to keep the outdoor industry open.

  • In general, all walkways on site will operate with the “rules of the road for walkers”, this means that you should always walk to the right-hand side of other groups that are coming against you.

  • Some walkways within the site will operate a one-way system as they narrow in places and are not compatible with distancing guidelines, these will be clearly signposted.

  • Certain areas of the site are closed for maintenance or have been deemed unsuitable for social distancing purposes, we ask that the general public stay clear of these areas.


The same great activities exist at Ballyhass Mallow and Coachford although activities have been modified to encourage social distancing

  • Activity areas are segmented from each other, meaning separate groups do not come into direct contact with each other.

  • Briefing areas are outside

  • Participant participation when harnessing and placing activity equipment under the direct supervision of the instructor to minimise/remove the need for contact.

  • Fewer participant in any one group

  • Staggered climbing on the same activity for non-same-household members. Minimising the duration of proximity and overall social distancing on activities.

  • Time allocated for hand washing prior to and after the activity session.



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