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Workplace Protection Measures

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When government restrictions finally start to ease off and HSE guidelines allow us to reopen, we know that the battle to stem the spread of COVID-19 will not be entirely finished. Because of this, it is important that we do our utmost to protect our staff. Below are some of the measures that will be in place to make Ballyhass a safe environment to work.


Clocking-in using a mobile phone

Staff will now be able to clock in using the wheniwork app on their mobile phone once they have arrived on site. This will eliminate the need for them to enter the office and clock in using a communal laptop


Activity coordinator assigning roles

The activity coordinator will assign staff their morning roles to ensure the staff are spread out around the site as much as possible. This again will take place outdoors to eliminate the over-crowding of indoor areas.


Hand sanitising measures

Hand sanitising stations are located around the site. Medical gloves and sanitising wipes provided to instructors to use on activity sessions throughout the day.


Smaller group sizes

All adventure activity groups are reduced from a maximum of 16 participants to a maximum of 8 participants. This will allow the instructors to easily maintain adequate distance.


Group belaying

Group belaying will be temporarily removed from our operating procedures. This again will ensure that our instructors can maintain adequate distance.


Outside kitting up areas

Each group of 8 will have their own outdoor area to kit up ensuring that groups are kept a good distance apart.


Hands off harnessing

Our instructors will no longer be physically adjusting group harnesses. Instead, we will be incorporating hands-off harnessing. This will involve the instructor slowly putting on every piece of gear along with the group and explaining each step in the process as they go.



Staff will be encouraged to eat lunch outside where possible. We have several new lunch picnic areas spread out over the site. 


Wetsuit washing procedures

Staff will now be getting participants to wash and hang their own wetsuits. Wetsuit washing facilities will be improved, increased, signed and put out front for customers to use.


Before reopening Ballyhass Adventure Group will be hosting an online COVID-19 training course for all staff members. Covered in this course will be:


Symptoms of COVID-19

Learning to recognise the symptoms so that our staff members know how to recognise it in themselves and others.


How COVID-19 is spread

Educating staff on how the virus is spread so that they can better protect themselves and customers.


Hygiene & contact reduction

The importance of hygiene practices and how it will be important to prevent the spread of the virus.



All staff will be trained in new cleaning and sanitising procedures across the entire site at Ballyhass.


Response to a suspected case

Staff will be trained on how to respond to a suspected case in their colleagues or customers. A defined response structure will be in place and a COVID-19 manager will be appointed on a daily basis. A designated isolation area will be predetermined as part of the response plan.


Peer interaction

Staff advised on how to interact with their colleagues while allowing for social distancing.


Group management

Training on how to manage groups appropriately throughout the day while allowing for and encouraging social distancing. This includes briefings, using the toilets, bag drops, changing rooms, etc


Activity operational changes

How the standard activity operations will change to allow for social distancing both while partaking in the activity and while in any holding or waiting areas on activities.



Personal  Protective gear will be available for staff in unavoidable close contact situations. The use of the equipment will be included in the COVID-19 staff training procedures.


Unavoidable Close Contact Situations

We recognise within our industry that there will be situations that unavoidable close contacts will occur (in particular rescues). We have developed our own training for staff and are providing personal PPE for those situations in order to keep both staff and customers safe.

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