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Open Water Swimming, Mallow

  • Suitable Ages 16 yrs +

  • Duration 2 hrs

  • Difficulty Moderate

  • Activity Type Water

  • Group Bookings

  • Wetsuits Provided €2 Rental

Book Now From €7pp Group Bookings

Open Water Swim Season Now Open

  • Morning Swim Sunday's at 9am - 11am

  • Morning Swim Saturday's at 9am - 11am

  • Evening Swim on Tuesday's and Thursday's at 6pm - 8pm

  • Saunas now open at 10am on Sundays and 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1 hour into the swim session. Plan your arrival accordingly. You can book the swim & Sauna together here

  • Summer Season times are now avalable to book

  • Swim Tow bouys must be worn by all.



We are delighted to announce that our open water swim season is now open. A 500m loop awaits you with crystal clear water and easy entry and exit points. For locals it is a fantastic training facility. Our pool area is now completly surronded by pontoons and has a 40m length so this is a perfect controlled area that is available to use on open water evenings also. This really is the perfect introduction into an open water swimming environment. 

  • Perfect social distancing exercise.
  • The lakes are safe & clean.
  • Our site is fully serviced with free, secure car parking, changing rooms
  • Cafe on site for teas / coffees to warm you up after. 


Lane Swimming During Public Swim Times

Open water swimmers are now free to use the public swim area during public hours. We have lanes set up outside of the pool area that can be used but swimmers must have swim bouys to use the lanes during this times. All public swim area customers are required to wear a bouynacy aid for recereational swimimmg. See Public swim are for full opening times but generally this are will be open 12 noon to 5pm during the summer months. Please pre book your time slot where possible. 

Adventure Pass for Swimmers 

Our Adventure Pass membership or "Season passes" which ever you prefer provide guaranteed discounts on all activities across both mallow and coachford. For swimmers this will give you a discounted rate for every swim. One Adventure pass will cover multiple swimmers so for couples or families one adventure pass will cover everyone once it is booked online through the account the pass is assigned to. 


Adventure Pass for Open Water Swimmers real world example 

3 months of 3 swims per week = 36 swims total 

36 Swims x RRP €10 = €360 

36 Swims x Adventure Pass Price €5 = €180!! 

You save a total of €180

Remeber that one Adventure Pass will cover a whole family or couple!


2023 Swim Prices 

RRP Price: €10 

Online Price: €7 

Adventure Pass: €5 (1 month / 3 month and Season Adventure passes availible) 

Open Water Swimming Membership: €299 (€200 if you already have an Adventure Pass) 

Wetsuit Rental €2 


Open Water Swimming Membership: (May-October)

  • Nov - April Winter Individual Prices 
  • Unlimited access to book open water swim evenings 
  • Unlimited access to the public swim area (ideal for families during the summer but still limited to one swimmer.)
  • Limited to one swimmer and non-transferable 
  • Use your adventure pass discount for up to 4 friends per booking



  • Tuesday 6pm to 8pm 

    • Last entry 7.40pm 
    • Sauna open at 7.00pm 
  • Thursday 6pm to 8pm 

    • Last entry 7.40pm 
    • Sauna open at 7.00pm
  • Sunday 9am - 11am 

    • Last entry 10.40am 
    • Sauna open at 10am



  • Sunday 10am - 11am 

All swimmers must enter the water together at the same time and have a swim tow buoy with them. 

Please read carefully prior to booking;

  • This is for distance swimming only. No recreational swimming is allowed.
  • You must not have any medical condition (such as Heart disease, Asthma, Epilepsy, Diabetes) which may impact my ability to safely partake in open water swimming. If unsure please seek advice from GP.
  • All participants must sign an online waiver form.
  • Booking in advance is highly recommened. 
  • It is highly recommended that swim bouys are used at all times. These are available to purchase at the pro shop or rent. 
  • All swimmers must pass a swim assessment with a member of staff. We have an outdoor swimming pool area where this can be done.
  • You must wear a brightly coloured swim hat at all times and wear a wetsuit if the water temperature is below.
  • You must enter and exit the water at the designated points (below the high. ropes course)
  • In the event, you get into difficulty during the swim session, roll on to my back and signal for rescue by raising an arm in the air.
  • A Ballyhass safety officer will be present on site during all swim sessions, however, Ballyhass will not provide full lifeguard cover. Because of this, you must not swim alone. You must attend the lake with a buddy and stay with them during the session. Alternatively, you must swim within a 15m distance of another swimmer during the session. In the event of seeing another swimmer getting into difficulty, You must raise the alarm.
  • In the event of a thunderstorm, failing light, fog or high winds the safety officer may decide to end a session. If you are asked to exit the lake then please do so immediately
  • You must acknowledge that the lake is a natural environment. Lake banks may be slippery, there may be sharp stones underfoot. There are various ramps, buoys and ropes within the water which must be avoided. If you do not feel comfortable with these hazards then you should not swim in this open water environment
  • Anyone swimming without having checked into reception will be asked to exit the lake immediately.

Please pre book online where possible. 

  • Swim Gear
  • Wetsuit (Rentals are avalible for an additonal €2)
  • Swim Bouy - Available to rent and buy in the pro shop
  • Towel / Robie 

How do I sign up?

Jump online and book in to an availible session. You will be required to submit a waiver but once you have done it once you will be able to re use it subject to no changes each time you return. 

  • Remeber to purachase the Adventure Pass for the best rates this season. The Season Pass includes €50 of free swimming put back on your account! 
  • Anyone new to open water swimming must make themselves known to the reception on the day.


Where do I swim?

There is a 450 - 500m loop that is marked. The entry is below the high ropes only for 2022. Please checkin with the member of staff on arrival. 


Can I use the public swim area during these times?

Yes, we always encourage it on your visit, to get accilmitize to the water temp and also the clear waters of Ballyhass. Its open to all open water swimmers. 


How do I know when I can use the swim area during the day? 

Check out the public swim area times. Book in online and arrive on site. There are seperate lanes that will be for the exclusive use of open water swimmers while the pontoon area will be used for recreational swimmers. A tow bouy most be worn for these sessions. All recreational swimmers will be wearing life kacket bouyancy aids. 

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