Adventure Pass 

A brand-new way to get outdoors this season, our Adventure Pass has been designed to save you money and get you active outdoors more this season!

Fast Facts 

  • Up to 30% off all activities & camps in Mallow and Coachford.
  • Choose from 1 month, 2 months, or a season pass.
  • Early Bird access to activities and events.
  • Adventure Pass members only activities.
  • Only avalible to use online. 


  • 1 month Adventure Pass €49 

  • 2 month Adventure Pass € 69

  • Season Adventure Pass €99 (finishes December 31st)  

    • [BEST VALUE] Includes €50 to spend on what ever expereinces you want credited straight back to your account to your account! 


Membership Add-ons (New 2023)

Launching in April 2023. Get unlimited access to your chosen activity for the entire season with Membership Add-Ons. Choose from wakeboarding, open water swimming, or both. Enjoy exclusive member-only sessions, discounts, and events. Pay a one-off membership fee to join our outdoor community and make the most of your season


  • Wakeboading: €599 (inclduing a Season Adventure Pass)

    • April to November. 
    • Set Member Only times. 
    • Discounts on Pro Shop.
    • Free hoodies for those that sign up in the first 8 weeks.
    • 16yrs + (see our cutting edge wake camp for U16s).


  • Swimming: €299 (including a Season Adventure Pass)

    • May to October (does not include winter swim season, standard adventure pass rates apply).
    • Unlimited access to open water swim sessions.
    • Unlimited access to public swim times (Enclosed swim Area).
    • Free members T-shirt for those that sign up in the first 4 weeks.


  • Swim & Sauna: €399 (Including a Sesaon Adventure Pass)

    • May to October.
    • Member Only Sauna Sessions.
    • Unlimited access to open water swim sessions.
    • Free Members T-shirt for those that sign up in the first few weeks.



For more information on our prices and our Adventure Pass's please find more information below. Scroll to the bottom of this page to add an Adventure Pass to your basket now!


Who is an Adventure Pass For? 

Essential anyone who plans on coming to a Ballyhass centre multiple times during the season. The more you use it the more savings you make. Designed around local families who attend the aquaprk and summer camps regulary during the season. Open water swimmers who are taking advantage of the swim times several times a week. Regular wakeboarders looking to get extra afforadable time on the water. Our Axe throwing family who come and spilt timber several times a week and for anyone looking to try ouy our new SUP school. This really is the best value to be had across all our sites and products. We hope you will join Team Ballyhass for a year in the outdoors. 


Why Buy an Adventure Pass?

  • One pass gets you, your friends and family massive discounts when experiences are booked online
  • You have the ability to add € money to your account (with even more additional bonuses) so you don’t have to use your card at every transaction.
  • You get discounts on our new range of merch each season.
  • Your account can hold multiple waivers so you don’t have to resubmit them every time you come, so you get fast track check-in.
  • Adventure Pass Holder exclusive discounts and early-bird access to new products
  • Exclusive Adventure pass holder Events. 


How Does it work? 

Its Simple; 

  1. Buy a 1 month / 2 month or Season Adventure pass online now. 
  2. Create an account on checkout so you can avail of the adventure pass pricing. 
  3. Login to your account and instantly have access to all adventure pass prices up to 30% across all products in both Mallow & Coachford 
  4. Fill ot your waivers once and assign them to your account, simply select your waivers on file each time you book - no need to fill out new waivers each visit. 
  5. Add money to your account for extra freebies and even easier bookings that the whole family can book from the same account. 
  6. Expereince the outdoors.


How does a membership add-on work? 

  1. Add the membership you are looking for to your account. 
  2. Once signed off by an admin you will be able to log into your account and book your activities without the need for any additional payment. 
  3. Only members will see the member only time and only when they are logged into their account. 
  4. If all member sessions are full we will open additional sessions subject to availability. 


Are their limitations?

This is an online offer only. You can only get your adventure pass prices if you book online. But other than that this is our way to get people more active outdoors as regulary as possible as easily as possible. 


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