Learn To Wakeboard Ladies Course Summer 2018

Couch To Kicker in six weeks. 

You have heard of Couch to 5km? well we are flipping it on its head and doing our own Couch to Kicker course. Learn to wakeboard with all female coaches and participants at Ballyhass Wakepark this summer. We are really keen to promote women in sport and we have designed this course to allow you to learn in a friendly and encouraging environment. 

We love our sport and we think it is an amazing sport for meeting new people in a really chilled out and relaxed environment. Through the benefit of a sport with a huge learning curve, being out outdoors and a fantastic form of fitnesses, this is your perfect summer activity. 

We have found that people who really get hooked on wakeboarding start coming with friends and have a bit of a buddy system going. That will be the real focus of this course. We will be trying to make it as social as possible and leave you with a network of riders that you will be able to arrange to go riding with for the rest of the summer even when the course has finished. 

What does the course include? 

Each Tuesday evening the group will meet at 6pm in our coffee dock for Teas/Coffees and to go over what we will be learning in that session. We find that talking through what we will be learning really speeds up the process and everyone gets extra supportive of one another. You will see that no matter what level people will be going through the same thing hurdles when learning tricks. 

After that we will be taking over the park for two whole hours on both lines. We will start off with full beginner lessons but as the course progresses we will make it into more of a jam session with shorter sets and everyone rotating quicker. The tunes will be playing and you will have amble opportunity to get to know your fellow classmates. Along with that you will be getting a full 30 minutes water time each evening which makes this course a steal. 

How much is it & what do I Need? 

The full six week course is €150 per person. Including all your gear hire and free teas & coffees each evening. It has an RRP of €225 so its a fantastic way to get started. 

Who is this for? 

This is for any women you are new to the sport of wakeboarding, who have never tried it or not yet at obstacle standard this is perfect. All ages are welcome from over 16s and up. If you have just finished team sports and looking for something to fill the void or looking for a really fun fitness class or even just looking to meet some new friends and have something really cool to talk about in the office this is for you. 

How do I book? 

Call the office on 022 27773 and we will take your details and get you registered on the first night.