Covid-19 Ballyhass Business Continuity Plan

Team Ballyhass Are Still Available

All Outdoor Activities operations are temporarily suspended

March 27th

At present all outdoor operations at Ballyhass Mallow and Ballyhass Coachford are suspended. We are closely monitoring all Government guidelines and hope to return to operations as soon as possible.

Our Team

Our bookings team are working remotely but are still available to assist all customers with any queries. Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you wish to make a future booking or you wish to amend a current booking. 

Call: 02227773

Email: [email protected]

Affected Bookings

We want all our fantastic customers to know that we are confident that we can deliver the same high quality experience at another time in the future when the Covid-19 crisis has ended. If your booking is affected we will work with you to find a suitable solution. 


We are happy to defer any bookings to a future date of your choosing. Any deposit paid will be transferred to the new date.


If a deferred date is not possible,we will provide everyone with a credit note that they can use towards any future booking.


Our team will be in contact with all affected bookings over the course of these few weeks to ensure that everyone is looked after at this time.

Once Operational

Once we are again operational following government recommendations we will be implementing a number of changes to ensure the safety of our team and our valued customers. Some of the changes we have planned include


  • Ensure social distancing on all activities

  • More changing areas available

  • Brief our event staff on how to practice good hygiene and making it easy for staff and attendees to practice good hygiene 

  • Ensure that there are sufficient hygiene facilities available – toilets, hand-washing facilities, soap, paper towels, alcohol-gel 

  • We will train our staff in the correct way to wash their hands.

  • We have put up numerous “how to wash hands” posters

  • We will put in new public hand-rub sanitization stations in each public building

  • We are now building in breaks in the activity sessions to send all groups off to wash their hands before gearing up as well as before meals.

  • We have designated a isolation area onsite if required throughout the

Flattening the Curve

We have been quick in taking measures over the last two weeks to help flatten the curve and we will continue to do so for as long as needed.

On the 12th of March we postponed, cancelled and rescheduled all ongoing operations including, school tours, private groups, axe throwing competitions, staff training and our wake park launch. 

We hope to be open on the 18th of April as is the current date set out by the government but we are also expecting and preparing for this date to be extended.

On site we have no more than one person in the office working at a time if possible. We are carrying out outdoor site work, while keeping at a safe distance to ensure we are ready to operate when it is safe to do so.

Visiting Ballyhass during Covid-19

We have always had an open door policy in Ballyhass and we continue to do so. During the outbreak we have signposted the site with government recommendations encouraging social distancing and correct hand washing in bathroom areas. Please take care when visiting to adhere to these guidelines. 

We intend to put one-way systems in place in certain areas of the site where the path narrows to avoid people passing each other in close quarters

There are currently areas on the site that we have closed off temporarily to carry out repair works. Please avoid these areas and we will reopen them very shortly 

Please note that our main office and café are closed to customers

Being Active Outdoors……. Sensibly 

At present there has been a negative reaction to people taking to the outdoors. With so many people off work and out of school and the fantastic weather we are experiencing, this is only natural.

Now more than ever people need to occasionally escape the confines of their home and spend some time outdoors for their physical and mental health. We advise that fit and able people take to more remote locations and leave local parks and beaches to people who have no other options, i.e. mothers with small children, the elderly, people with disabilities, etc.

Currently in Ireland there are vast, empty mountain ranges all over the country. There’s no better time to explore them. Visit and type in your county to see the vastness of what’s on your doorstep. You will find endless walking, hiking and cycling trails to be explored. From small 2k flat trails to 8-hour long 22k hikes through mountainous terrain, there’s something for everyone and so much that you should rarely bump into anyone if you choose your location well.

Advice on using the outdoors sensibly during the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond:

  • Avoid crowded areas

  • If you drive to a trail car park that you hope will be quiet and it’s not, try another. Don’t add to the madness

  • Adhere to government guidelines while passing any other walkers

  • Let someone know where you are going and when you will be home

  • Bring a mobile phone

  • Plan your route and allow enough daylight should you get lost to get back on track 

  • Bring a torch, plenty of water and a first aid kit

  • Start small, no one says you need to get to the top of anything

Email [email protected] if you would like some help planning a secluded hike or walk for you and your family in the outdoors. Let us know your location, ages and ability and we will recommend suitable hiking trails away from the crowds

More Key Things We Are Doing At Ballyhass:

  • Liaising with schools and helping with the rescheduling of dates due to closures

  • Having weekly online meetings to ensure that we are doing all we can as a business to help our customers, the public and our staff

  • Using online scheduling and document sharing platforms to allow us to stay in communication without personal contact

  • Exploring ways to train and upskill our staff online 

  • Working on a “Get Outdoors” lecture series to deliver to schools

  • Changing our operation procedures for when we are back up and running to include social distancing for as long as recommended by experts 


Our Team is the beating heart of Ballyhass and we ask that all communication is made through email or over the phone to ensure everyone’s safety.