Mallow Summer Camps 2019

Why Ballyhass Summer Camps?

Our ever popular summer camps are renowned for the quality and variety of activities they offer. Full day supervision is provided by our experienced garda vetted instructors. Our camps are all about FUN, first and foremost we want your child to enjoy themselves and our instructors are experts in giving the best supervision and tuition you will find in any summer camp. Each group has their own leader for the duration of the camp.

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During a week...

During a week at Ballyhass Lakes you will benefit from participating in the full range of world class activities available. We adapt each activity to suit your abilities, challenging you and introducing you to new skills in a safe and enjoyable environment. We continually deliver our activities in a structured way to ensure that your children will spend  maximum time on activities with minimum waiting time. This is key to our success.

After a week here you will have made new friends and cemented existing friendships through shared experiences that you may remember for a lifetime. Each day four activities are completed, usually a mixture of water and land based. The day runs from 9.30am to 4.00pm for our Troopers camp, but we also have a half day option (99 Battalions) & a teenage half day water based camp (Cutting Edge) For details on what to bring and further important information see our downloads section.


We believe we offer the best summer camp by;

  • Offering the most activities each day. (4 each of 90 minutes duration)

  • A mix of land & water based activities everyday

  • A high instructor to participant ratio 1:6 on the water.

  • Value for money as low as €85 for a week!!!

  • Quality and safety of our site and facilities

  • Full days 9.30 - 16.00

Ballyhass Trooper Camps (8yrs +) (Week Long)

1 Trooper = €185 - 2 Troopers €180 - 3 Troopers €175 - 4 + Troopers €170 (All Per Person)

Our Ballyhass Troopers course is our traditional week long full day summer camp. It has always been our most popular camp where participants take part in all the activities we have on offer. By the end of the week everyone are amazing friends, bonded by the fact they have been challenged to climb high, zip far and solve problems during the course of the camp. Each day on a trooper camp participants will complete 4 different activities. Since we have developed Ireland's largest wakepark on site they now get a free wakeboarding beginners lesson! All our trooper camps are split into junior and senior groups as close as possible to 8 - 12 & 12 - 16

2019 Trooper Camp Start Dates

  • Monday July 8th      

  • Monday July 15th

  • Monday July 22nd

  • Monday July 29th

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99 Battalions Camp (8yrs +)

1 Battalion = €99 - 2 Battalions €95 - 3 Battalions €90 - 4 + Battalions €85

Ireland's most affordable adventure camp has arrived to North Cork in 2016. This year we are introducing our Battalions course which runs from Monday to Friday 9.30 - 13.00 each day. It will have all the same amazing experiences as our hugely popular Troopers course but will be in a half day format. Over the duration of the week, the Battalions will experience alot of what we have to offer on site including 10 different activities which will be a mix of land and water based. If you have been thinking about participating in our full day Troopers camp but are worried that the days are too long then this is the option for you.

Like our Troopers camp the Battalions will be split into junior (8-11yrs) and senior (12yrs +) courses so it is suitable for all ages. If a €99 euro camp wasn't enough for you we have added our price scaling structure to this camp also. Meaning that if you can bring 4 or more kids the camp goes down to an amazing €85 per participant. Trust us, for the quality of activities you will find at Ballyhass you will find nowhere else.


2019 Battalions Start Dates    

  • Monday July 15th

  • Monday July 29th

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Ballyhass Cutting Edge Course (13yrs +)

1 Edge = €125 - 2 Edges €120 - 3 Edges €115 - 4 + Edges €110 (All Per Person)

Introduced in 2017 is our Cutting Edge Teenage course. Primarily focused on water based activities this is course is designed for the older participants from 13 to 17 yrs old. This is completely different than anything we have offered or run before. Participants will spend their whole sessions out on the water each day with their own dedicated group leader. Not only will they get to experience the amazing varied water activities we have to offer, they will also gain the skills to earn certificates in some of the disciplines by the end of the week. The Cutting Edge is primarily based around Kayaking and Wakeboarding but participants will also have a chance to test their building skills in raft building, learn some valuable life skills in water safety, hold on for dear life on the Ringo Rides and challenge themselves to scale our brand new wipe out style Aqua Park. We are so excited about this camp. We are confident it will be a permanent feature in our summer camp schedule for many seasons to come. Only two dates available so book ASAP. .

We have written a full blog post on the New Cutting Edge Camp. Read up on more details of the camp and find out why we are so excited about it here.

2019 Cutting Edge Start Dates

  • July 8th

  • July 22nd

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