Open Water Swimming 2020

New Season, New Procedures The Same Great Experience

Some necessary changes are needed in light of the Covid-19 situation.

However we are confident that the season can be a huge success if everyone follows the new necessary operationl procedures.

Up to date information on Ballyhass and Covid-19 can be found here.

What's New For 2020?

  • Two additional sessions a week
    • Wednesday and Thursday evenings introduced
    • Morning session now on Saturday
  • Pre-booking for all sessions
  • New swim packs
    • Buying a pack saves €'s
    • Pay as you go still available
  • Max number of participants per session - 40 participants
    • Advance booking is essential



How to Register

Swimming credits and accounts are managed through our wakeboarding website

Registering as an open water swimmer is quick and easy. Just call the office on 02227773 to purchase your first swim pack.

Once you purchase your swim pack you can now register online.

  • Call 02227773
  • Purchase a “swim pack”.
  • You will receive a welcome email
  • To set up your account go to Ballyhass Wakepark
    • Account login
      • Top of page
  • Reset password
    • Insert your email
  • You will receive a verification code
  • Follow the link in the email
  • Insert your verification code
  • Create your own new password
  • Your account is now active and will have credits
  • Don’t forget to complete your waiver!

Swim Packs

For 2020 we have introduced Swim Packs.

Swim packs allow those that swim most often to save! Don't worry, if you don't use all your credits in 2020, we will honour them in 2021.

They don't expire!

Pay as you go options are still available for those that don't know how often they can attend.


How to Book

  • Visit
  • Login into your account
    • Top left of screen
  • West Park will show open times on the designated days.
  • Select your date
  • Select your time
  • And book


Q. How many swim sessions are available?

A. There will be four swim sessions each week. Three evenings and one morning session.


Q. How Long are the sessions

A. Each session is two hours long. There will be no early access to the water


Q. Can I arrive without a booking?

A. No, you must pre-book.


Q. Can I book on the day?

A. Yes you can. You can book right up to the start time. If you have an account you can do it online. If you do not have an account you can book on the phone by purchasing a swim pack.


Q. Do I have to have a swim pack?

A. No you can do pay as you go. However you cannot purchase a pay as you go over the phone without an account.


Q. I already have credits for wakeboarding, can I use those?

A. Technically you can, however they will be more expensive than a swim pack. We recommend setting up a second account with a second email for your open water swimming.


Q. Are there changing facilities available?

A. Designated changing facilities are available but are limited. Please ensure best practice and social distancing . We do recommend changing with a “towlie” if possible.


Q. Are showers available?

A. No unfortunately shower facilities are not available until further notice.


Q. Can I swim if I have not done open water swimming before?

A. You must be able to swim 400m unassisted to do the open water swim. If you are unsure we have we have a 50m enclosed swim area where you can test yourself.


Q. I booked a swim but I wasn’t able to make attend, can I get a refund?

A. If you are unable to attend and you contact us 24 hours before the session we will credit your account back. If it is less than 24 hours we cannot refund you the session.


Q. What is the minimum age that can attend?

A. The minimum age that can attend is 16 years. These sessions are aimed for those in training.


Q. Can I bring my son/daughter for a splash and jump?

A. Unfortunately not during these swim sessions. We have a designated swim area that will be open for a large portion of the summer that can be used for this. Please ask us how you can book this.