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What do the scholars have to say?

With the launch of the 4th season of our scholarships this year we turned to some past students who were on the course to find out what they thought of the expereince. If you want to find out more check out the full blog post here; 


"I really really loved the scholarship. I looked forward to it every week! I made new friends and became even closer with the people I came with from my own school. Definitely the highlight of TY for me and wakeboarding is something I'll always go back to now." 

Eve Donnelly 2015/16 Wakeboarding


"What an amazing experience! Not only did I learn to wakeboard confidently, I also made very good friends. The coaches were brilliant and I have come from learning to stand on the board to now doing tricks on obstacles. I would definitely recommend this scholarship as I had great fun and I know you will too!"

Léan Duane 2016/17 Wakeboarding


"The best experience ever!!! I loved every minute on the scholarship and would repeat it a million times if I could. My wakeboarding has never improved as much as it did when I was on the scholarship with Eoghan and Elaine who were the most welcoming and nicest drivers/friends/coaches! I made a bunch of great friends that I still go out wakeboarding with whenever I get the chance. I am so grateful I got the scholarship because I've seen a massive difference in my style and technique.   Loved every moment!"

Jogaile Aidukeviciute 2016/17 Wakeboarding


"Starting the Kayaking scholarship was probably the best thing I've ever done. It was definitely the best part of TY. I've met new people that I'm still great friends with. It has made me so comfortable in the water and has thought me that your comfort zone is in your head. The lads at the Lakes are the best."

Rory O’Connor 2016/17 Kayaking


"I couldn't have enjoyed the scholarship more. Eoghan and Elaine were excellent mentors and teachers and really helped us all progress in our skills and confidence out on the water. I would recommend this to all as it's a wonderful way to spend time and I met the nicest people and had the best time!"

Atene Aidukeviciute 2016/17 Wakeboarding


"Hi, My names Emily and I did the Kayaking scholarship last year. We had so much fun throughout the scholarship and I made so many new friends who I now trust with my life! From kayaking down rivers to just paddling around the lakes it was a great experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. I'd definitely recommend this scholarship to anyone who is any bit outdoorsy!"

Emily O’Callaghan 2016/17 Kayaking


"The wakeboarding scholarship was one of the best experiences of Ty. It was a good exercise, you can use it for your Gaisce and it is great experience as you get to progress your wakeboarding skills with the other scholarships. You make great friends and it is a very rewarding sport. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that doesn't mind getting a bit wet and is looking for a new sport to try!"

Darragh O Sullivan 2016/17 Wakeboarding