Residential Summer Camp, Mallow

  • Contact Us (022) 27773

  • Days 5 nights, 5 days

  • Suitable Ages Ages 10-17

  • Difficulty Challenge By Choice

  • Activity Type Land | Water | Height

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Welcome to our Residential Summer Camp, where adventure meets camaraderie! Designed for ages 10-17, our camp promises an immersive and unforgettable experience. With a maximum of 15 participants per group, our excellent staff provides round-the-clock supervision, ensuring a safe and inclusive environment. From thrilling daytime activities like kayaking and wilderness adventures to cozy evenings with movie nights and campfires, every moment is crafted for fun and personal growth. Our dorm-style accommodations foster friendships in 4-bed pods, and delicious meals are served at designated times.Join us on July 7th-12th or July 21st-26th for a week of excitement, growth, and lasting memories!



July 7th - 12th
Drop off evening of the 7th, pick up evening of the 12th 


July 21st - 26th 
Drop off evening of the 21st, pick up evening of the 26th 


Fast Facts

  • 10-17 years old.
  • Maximum of 15 participants per group.
  • 24/7 dedicated staff supervision ensures safety.
  • Thrilling adventures ranging from land, water and height activities
  • Exclusive activities including movie nights, campfires and night-time paddles.
  • Cozy 4-bed pods.
  • Nutritious and delicious meals served 3 times a day.
  • Technology break, exceptions for medical reasons.
  • Join the excitement on the available dates, July 7th-12th or July 21st-26th.
  • A week of growth, friendship, and lasting memories in our vibrant Residential Summer Camp!

Welcome to our brand new Bunkhouse Village for the Residential Summer Camp tailored for ages 10 and above:


Capacity: Our facility can comfortably accommodate up to 50 overnight guests, providing a personalized experience across 22 bunkhouse pods. Each pod is designed to house 4 people, ensuring a cozy and communal environment.

Adventure Activities: Our program offers a diverse range of thrilling adventure activities, providing an exciting and age-appropriate experience for all participants.

Communal Spaces: Foster a sense of camaraderie in our group chill-out spaces located in our Tentipi, offering the perfect setting for socializing and relaxation.

Outdoor Recreation: Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with our outdoor recreation and picnic areas, providing serene spaces for relaxation and enjoyment.

Accessibility: Inclusivity is a priority, and we offer wheelchair-accessible pods to ensure that everyone can fully participate and enjoy the camp experience.

Environmental Responsibility: As a B Corps certified company, we embrace an environmentally friendly approach to outdoor adventure holidays, as we strive to minimize our ecological impact and promote sustainable practices.

Meals Included: As part of our comprehensive service, meals are included for all of these residential summer camp participants.

We look forward to providing a memorable and enriching experience for all participants in our Residential Summer Camp.


Axe-Throwing Mallow Coachford

Archery Mallow Coachford

Team Challenge Course Coachford Only

Low Ropes Mallow Only

Wilderness Coachford Only



Aquapark Mallow Coachford

Kayak Splash and Dash Mallow Coachford

Lee Valley Kayak Tour Coachford Only

Ireland’s Only Wakepark Mallow Only

Giant SUP Mallow Coachford

Learn to SUP Mallow Coachford



Zipline Mallow Only

High Nets Coachford Only

Leap of Faith Mallow Only

Gladiator Mallow Only

Jacob’s Ladder Mallow Only

Crate Stack Mallow Only

Rock Climbing Mallow Only

Abseiling Mallow Only

Ballyhass has been delivering outdoor experiences to groups for over the last 20

years. We believe in experiences and not just pay and play activities. Your children will

experience the outdoors in a way they have never done so before. We are committed

to adding new activities every year to ensure returning groups have an experience that

surpasses their previous trip!


All our activities are ADVENTURE activities. We have top of the range professionally installed equipment. Our Wakepark, Aquapark and High Net facilities are a great example of this. 


All instructors no matter how experienced go through extensive in house training every year to ensure that skills are at peak levels. We are committed to safety through learning. 


At Ballyhass, keeping everyone safe is super important to us. All our instructors have been Garda vetted and completed Child Safeguarding training. Also, all our staff are First Aid Certified. We want everyone to have a fun and safe time with us!


We also prioritize the creation of friendships that last a lifetime! When forming groups for the week, we make a concerted effort to keep friends together. Additionally, we organize campers by ages, ensuring that whether your child is attending solo or with friends, they are guaranteed to form new connections and lasting friendships during their time with us.

€600 per child

Discounts available for additional participants

Transfers from Mallow Train Station available

Book Spot Now for a deposit of €150

1. Clothing:

   - Enough underwear and socks for the duration of the camp

   - T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, and shorts

   - Comfortable pants for various activities

   - Sweater or jacket for cooler evenings

   - Pyjamas

   - Rain jacket or poncho

   - Hat and sunglasses for sun protection

   - Swimsuit


2. Footwear:

   - Sturdy and comfortable closed-toe shoes for outdoor activities

   - Flip-flops or sandals for showering or relaxing


3. Bedding and Personal Items:

   - Sleeping bag or bed linens

   - Pillow

   - Towels (for bathing and swimming)

   - Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, etc.)

   - Personal hygiene items


4. Health and Safety:

   - Any necessary medications with clear instructions

   - Insect repellent

   - Sunscreen with a high SPF

   - Personal first aid kit (optional)


5. Miscellaneous:

   - Reusable water bottle (please do not bring single use bottles)

   - Backpack

   - Any special comfort items (stuffed animals, etc.)


Remember to label all items with the child's name to avoid mix-ups. We advise that your child does not bring any valuables or expensive clothing to the camps. We cannot be held responsible for any lost items. 


Q: What ages is this camp suitable for?

A: Ages 10-17 are ideal for this camp! 


Q: How many children are in each group? 

A: Groups have a maximum of 15! 


Q: Are the children always supervised? 

A: Yes! The children will be supervised by our excellent staff members 24/7. 


Q: What will the children do in the evening? 

A: We have exclusive activities for the evening including: movie nights, night time paddles, campfires and much more! 


Q: Will meals be served? 

A: Yes, all meals will be served at specific times in the day! 


Q: What if my child has a dietary restriction?

A: That is no problem at all. We will need notice of any dietary restrictions and will work with you to see if it will be feasible to meet the requirements necessary. 


Q: Will my child need pocket money throughout the week? 

A: Your child can bring pocket money if they wish. We have a cafe on site if they would like to get some extra snacks during the day. Breakfast, lunch and Dinner will be served on site. 


Q: What is your mobile phone policy? 

A: Our Mobile Phone Policy is designed to give kids a break from technology. Phones/tablets are safely stored by our staff and returned for use between 6.00pm and 7.00pm every evening. Mobile phones can only be brought to activity sessions if they are used as medical devices or for other essential reasons which must be agreed in advance.


Q: How can I contact my child? 

A: Your child can be contacted throughout the week through our office number at (022) 27773. 


Q: Where will my child sleep? 

A: Children on summer camps share 4 bed pods with other children of the same gender and age. Double or single rooms are not available for summer camps. 


Q: What time will the children go to bed each night? 

A: Lights go out at 11:00 pm each night and a morning call will be made at 7:45 am. 


Q: Where is the camp based? 

A: You will be dropping your child off at our Ballyhass Mallow location, eircode is P51 N990. This will be where your child spends the majority of their time. Ballyhass Mallow is only 45 minutes outside of Cork City. We also offer a pickup service from the local train station They will also spend some time at our Ballyhass Coachford site. 


Two amazing


Ballyhass Mallow


Ballyhass Coachford


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