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FAQ Section

We get a lot of the same questions being asked day in day out, so we wanted to create a resource where you will find all the most commonly asked questions. If you don't see what you are looking for here let us know and we will add it in. Feel free to email [email protected] or call 022 27773 and the office team will take care of you.

There are two of us who want to do activities, can we just turn up?

We would prefer that you always book in advance. During the season we get very busy, if you turn up, there is a good chance that you will not get onto the activities. Also we have specific time slots for the aquapark and the rentals on any specific day. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for last minute changes and our opening hours page during the season. You must book the Aquapark online in advance and select an available timeslot. See 

Can we just do one activity?

Yes, You can book onto the Aquapark on any open timeslots individually or with small groups. We also offer Kayaking and SUP Rental, ideally these are booked in advance also so we can have everything prepped for you. 

How long do we have to book in advance?

This is very much dependent on the size of your group. If you have less than 24 anything up to 48hrs before is fine. You can book online or call the office and the booking team will be more than happy to sort you out. If you have less than 10, the day before is usually plenty of time and its always worth giving us try even on the day. If you are flexible with time we can usually fit you in, that afternoon. Anything over 30 its best to give us longer notice so you can be guarnteed your activity choices. If you are seeking a time slot on the same day as your arrival you will need to telephone us to check the availability. 

What activities are suitable for adults?

All our activities are suitable for adults. We are a group activity centre meaning that our instructors will tailor each activity to the abilities of each group. So for adults we will make each activity more challenging to the group (or easier depending on the abilities). The difference between an adult group and juvenille is quite stark, no two sessions are the same. So if you like the look of a certain activity dont be afraid to request it, we will create the best possible experience for your group.

What activities are suitable for children?

Similar to the answer above, all activities are suitable to children 8yrs and up. We will tailor each session to the age profile and ability of the group.

My child is under 8 can they take part in activities?

Activity wise no im afraid not. This is a purely physical reason rather than a safety one. There is a physical element to everything we do here at the lakes and children under 8 often are unable to complete the activity. If you take kayaking as an example, the paddles are over six feet long and the boat is over ten feet long. Children that young just wont be able to keep up with older participants and will often get frustrated and have a bad first experience. We are opening a whole world of new sport to people and we would hate for someone to be turned off because they were introduced too early. They have tonnes of time so we would recommend not too rush it, they will thank you after!

Im nervous of heights or a particular activity, will I have to do it?

Absolutely not. We are purely a challenge by choice centre, you will never be forced to do anything you dont want to do. Just an attempt on some activities can be as much of an achievement as others going all the way to the top. Our instructors are excellent at encouraging participants to try something they might not have done before but to stress you will never be forced to do any activity.

Can some of my group do different activities than the others?

No. Each group must do the same activities. We will schedule instructors to stick with your group for the day so they can only be on one activity at a time. Our perfect group size is 12 so if you have a group of 24 we will split you into two groups. Group 1 could be doing kayaking first while group 2 is doing zip line and then switch over for the second session.

What do I bring for a day at Ballyhass?

Swimming Togs, A towel, wet shoes or old shoes that you can get wet, warm clothing, hat, fleece top, runners for dry activities, rain coat & pants, sun cream, packed lunch, lots of drinks. See the essential info section for full details.

Can we arrange catering for our group?

Absolutely. You are more than welcome to bring whatever you would like on site and take advantage of the awesome location and picnic benches that are strewn around. 

How long before our session must we arrive? 

30 minutes is loads of time to arrive before your sechedule start time. 

Must I sign an online Waiver? 

Yes. Every participant must have a waiver signed before taking part on activities. Your group leader will be given a reference number for you. You will need this to process your waiver. We for obvious need to know who is on site at any particular time and if those participants have any associated medical conditions. If you dont do it before you arrive you will have to go through the exact same proceedure at checkin. This may result in losing your own time on activities.