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Big changes with big rewards

Well, 2019 is on us and we are hoping this is the best season to date. It surely is shaping up to be. The parks are installed and they are looking epic. This year we have gone for a more beginner/intermediate setup on the West park and an intermediate/advanced setup on the East park. The big difference is having left & right foot forward kickers on both parks. I think this overall will be brilliant for progression. For those on the East its big kickers or no kickers. The safety nets of the small kickers are gone. This year you are going to have to go big with your kicker tricks!!

So the biggest thing is the change in memberships. On the outset, it might seem pretty radicle and quite an departure from last season. This is and it isn't the case. We are very cautious when it comes to changing our memberships, but this time around we have gone through every single member to make sure these changes will benefit you. We can say with confidence that 90% of our members will pay less for the same amount of sets. For a few, less than €100 extra on last year will dramatically increase the number of sets you can do for that amount. (and we mean dramatically!! Often unlimited extra for the amount you paid last year.

Why are we changing?

There a couple of main reasons we are doing this;

  1. Trying to go cashless
    This year if you are on a membership or ride pack you will either be paying by standing order or paying up front for a ride-pack. This means that you will have credits on your account to come for a set at all times. No more handing over money.
    We found that this was too lose last season, some set payments were missed by our staff and it became too confusing to keep track of. This year if you are booked in, you have to have credits so no more paying for sets on site. (U18 Gold is the only exception to this. It works well as most U18 members are responsible for paying for their own sets, earning the money through chores!! Sorry U18’s but the sets will be worth it.)

  2. Trying to Protect Members time on the cable (Evenings and Weekends)
    So this is something we are keen to protect. By changing to this model it means that those valuable evening sets should be more available to our members. You all might know that we have staff memberships. This year they can only be used until 5pm each day. If there is a member of staff down after that they have bought their own membership.

    Same day cancellations were rife last year. When people booked lots of sets in advance the chances of them cancelling on the day was very high. This repeatedly stopped other members from getting cable time. You might think you rang in time but remember others looked at those times slots earlier in the week and made other plans. Don't think cancelling sets doesn't have an impact, it makes a huge difference to other members. PLEASE, only, book sets you know (outside of emergency circumstances) you will 100% be able to attend. If you are unsure best not to book and call on the day for last-minute availability. (or keep an eye on the online system) Now we know, that every member can only book 4 sets in advance at any one time. This means that if you book Friday and Saturday sets you would not be able to book for Sunday until Saturday morning. This is 100% intentional to make sure that all members get an equal chance at getting in at peak times. Fully expect that you might not get in on a busy day due to the fact that you have 4 sets already booked during the week.

  3. Transparency
    Unfortunately, somethings like buddy passes were too lose and some times taken advantage of. This year our members will receive the passes in card form on sign up. They will be a limited amount but you still get the opportunity to bring your friends to the park for just €10 per set. It also means that you can use them all at once if you want to bring a group!

  4. Community & Water Time
    Not paying for sets on arrival makes a big difference. You are entitled to two sets a day. If you happen to pop out to hang out and two sets become available on the day you are entitled to take this. You have already paid for it. We know this format works. If you know you have paid for it already it encourages you to get out on the water. We don't want any downtime on the cable and this pushes people to get out on the water.

Membership Options and incredible March Special offer

So the big one, the Platinum memberships are going to monthly direct debit payments. This is €150 per month for 2 sets a day every day we are open subject to availability. One option only, and completely cashless. 4 Sets can be booked at any one time. This must be paid by standing order. If you are planning on signing up for a platnium membership please make sure you have Your Bank Details & Address with your IBAN number with you. There will be a one off €25 adminstration fee on sign up.

March €99 euro per month is the best value wakeboarding we have ever offered to date! Limited amount available. Only available until the end of March. All 2018 members guaranteed this option should they wish to go for it. Guys if you wakeboarded 3 days a week all season it works out at €4 a set!!! We 100% make a loss on this. You also have the opportunity to do more if it's quieter making it even better value.


We are banking on every member getting 2 - 4 peak sets and 2 off-peak sets each week as a minimum. But this might not be the case if we are busy with groups etc during the summer. Its groups and beginner lessons that cover the cost of the cable guys, these have to be given priority. But offering this incredible value options to members we feel asking for that priority back is fair. We hope you think so too. All memberships and ride packs are subject to availability. We will be expanding our opening times as best we can. Also the availability of both parks to book.

You will as usually know seven days in advance. This year we are also bringing in same day online bookings. Think of how you could take advantage of this on a week off during the summer? Up to 14 sets in one week for just €25!!! That's nuts.

Ride Packs

These are staying the same as last year. Be ready to hear that ride packs might be the best option for you when enquiring about membership. These are phenomenal value and have some amazing perks that we don't think people have realized. Chief among them they don't expire!!! When working out each member spend we found that especially in the case of Gold members some could have saved up to €200 AND had additional 20% time on the cable if they went for ride packs instead of the Gold memberships last year.

They are a great option. The downside is you have to pay up front. But think of the perks..

  • No daily limits on sets (book more than 2 in a day)

  • They don't expire at the end of the season

  • No paying each time you come

  • All the credits will be applied to your account

  • Very easy and transparent tracking of how many sets you have left.

  • You can buy directly online.

So I hope that has answered questions. We are excited about the monthly platinum memberships. Especially the March €99 offer. Make sure and take advantage before the end of the month.

Predicted opening times this season:

  • March & November : Wednesday to Sunday

  • April & October : Tuesday to Sunday

  • May / June / July / August / September : Monday to Sunday

  • 8pm evening closing when daylight allows (may - August)

  • Extended weekend hours.

  • Mid week opening of 12pm