Check out our full what to bring page here for whichever event you have booked. 

  • We recommend wearing comfortable active wear clothes coming on site i.e. tracksuit, leggings, runners. 
  • Open toe shoes or slide on shoes are not permitted on Axe throwing, Archery, Zipline or any other height activity.
  • Long hair must be tied back on all height acitvities. 
  • As you will be participating in physical activity, we can not accept liability for any damage to any items of clothing, footwear etc.

No. However, we do recommend confidence in the water. All safety equipment is provided by Ballyhass. If you are happy to float in a lifejacket and wetsuit and make your way over to the Aquapark or Kayak you will have no issues. Team Ballyhass will be on hand to support and encourage you along the way. We operate a challenge by choice operation. It will be 100% always your say as to how far you go. 

We are unable to provide a refund to any participant that feels they are unable to complete an activity. Feel free to talk to a member of the bookings team if you have any specific concerns regarding individual activities. 

Private Groups: 

All private group bookings of 8 or more participants booked through our bookings team will have a dedicated Adventure Rep group leader. These groups are fully supervised while on activities and require no adult supervision during activities. 

Summer Camps and One Day Warriors

Fully supervised with sign-in and sign-out with group leaders at the start of each day. 

Public activities 

While on activities all participants will be fully supervised. If doing multiple activities we would advise that kids have adult supervision going between activities and for any lunch breaks. 


Under 10 yrs we recommend that an adult accompanies groups of children in a ratio of 1 adult to 4 Under 10s on the water. We are happy to leave kids on with older siblings once permission has been given by parents on the day. 

We have two different locations Mallow & Coachford. These sites are a 45-minute drive by car away so please check and double-check your ticket prior to arrival. If you are attending with a group please, ensure you have clear instructions from your group leader as to which site you are travelling to. 

See our locations here:  

To avoid disappointment Yes, all our activities are instructor-led. Meaning that for all groups we are assigning instructors specifically for that activity and timeslot. We often have last-minute availability especially in the public activities available online. You can book online up to two hours before the activity start time. 

If you'd prefer to speak to one of the team and book over the phone our head booking office number is 022 27773 for both Mallow & Coachford. For Groups of 20+ participants please call the bookings team and they will put together a bespoke package for you. 

Please note the RRP prices are charged for bookings made over the phone. 

We cannot guarantee there will be spaces available, and do advise booking any desired activity in advance. However, if there is availability on the day our bookings team will be more than happy to accommodate and book you in.

Absolutely! We encourage this for the best experience. For small groups just add each activitiy you desire to your cart and checkout all at once. We allow 2 hours for most activities so be sure to allow enough time inbetween your activities so you dont miss out on any fun!. These make booking multiple available activities extremely easy online. For groups of 20 or more please contact our bookings team. They will take care of everything from your start times, activity recommendations and catering options.

Group Bookings: For all group bookings including school tours payment is due 2 weeks before your adventure starts. You will have up until then to let us know of any drop in numbers. Within 2 weeks of your booking we allow for a 5% drop to your last updated numbers. This will allow for 1 or 2 sick people on the day of your event. This 5% can be given as a refund, voucher or credit on your Ballyhass account. 

Public Bookings: Please keep us updated as soon as you have details of your numbers. We do not provide a refund within 48 hours of your booking. Please call our bookings team if you need to reschedule your booking. 

You sure can. They make for fantastic presents. All vouchers can either be bought on either location or you can buy them on online here. Each voucher has a code and a pin that you can enter during the check out online. All vouchers have a monetary value assigned to them that will be applied at check out and can be used against larger orders. These can only be used against Activity Purchases. 


Vouchers are only applied to activity services 

All participants must complete a waiver before arrival. You will require your order ID to fill in your waiver or a group sign-in link which will be provided by your group organizer. You can fill out the waiver under the before you arrive section in About Ballyhass on mobile or through the "Waiver" link on the top of the screen on desktop. 

We operate on an informed risk basis. Informed risk, means that Ballyhass the provider, informs you, the customer that there is risk involved in all outdoor activities. You the customer inform us the provider of any medical conditions that could increase that risk while participating in any activities. Together that equals informed risk. Rest assured that signing a waiver does not absolve us of any potential negligence. They are a practical way for us to keep track of who is on-site with emergency details for each participant on hand. They are a requirement of our insurance and give you peace of mind that we are operating to the highest standards. 

No. We can look up your order from your booking name when you arrive on site. It is important however you remember what name you booked under. Remember if you used a maiden name for instance. If you are arriving as part of a group double-check with your group organizer. In that case, your order ID or Group name will be most useful if arriving separately.


Customers should arrive 30 minutes prior to your activity start time. There is a 5-minute walk from the carpark to the reception in Mallow so please allow for this during the high season of June - September. We will do our best to facilitate full-time for late arrivals but this is not always possible and does not entitle the customer to a refund. 


Customers should arrive 15 minute prior to your activity start time. The carpark is right at check in so less time is needed after you reach the site in coachford. 

All our adventures are slightly different and we would encourage you to check out their individual pages. "Time to next activity" is the amount of time to leave before you book the next activity time slot. Obviously, adventures like our watersports require time to get in and out of wetsuits. Others are best on the location on site and the extra time you might need to get from A-B. Day passes will only allow you to book activities with the correct time space in between so it's a good place to start. 

We have two extremely sheltered sites that have no issues in operating in anything and up to an orange weather warning. Rain in no way affects any activity. The water activities are even more fun! We would advise you to bring an umbrella for your walk from the car to the reception. 


Ballyhass Reserves the right to make operational changes at any time which are considered necessary for safety or operational efficiencies. For safety reasons, we may introduce weight restrictions or even activity or site closure. 

Only in a red weather warning issued from Met Eireann within 24 hours of the event start date. Thunderstorms can cause delays to start times. 

Specfic activities have different condition limits. Wind on the zipline for instance. Should we not be able to run a given activity it will be susituted with another similar activity of equal expereince level. 

We are always excited to work with customers with special needs and all are welcome to both of our sites. All of our activities offer a degree of mental and physical challenge. We find that no two disabilities are the same and often can require additional equipment or personnel for safe participation. These additional measures can not be guaranteed. We would ask that you contact us and schedule a meeting with one of our operations team to discuss your specific needs. 

We welcome everyone of different abilities and their carers. We are happy to provide free activities to all carers if they are here with the person that is in their care. You will need to have and provide a carers card to reception.

Maximum participation is a core value of ours and we will do our utmost to uphold this where ever possible. 

We do not have Lost and found.

We run two huge sites that see hundreds of people going through each day. It is simply impossible for us to manage a lost and found system. We would encourage you to please do not bring valuables on site as we do not have a locker service. We unfortunately can not be responsible for any damage to personal belongings. Check and double-check your belongings moving between each area of the site. Any leftover items will be given to your group organiser at the end of the day. Please contact your group organizer so they can check with the rest of the group. 

If you do ring to enquire please be kind and respectful to our team who always do their best to look but cannot leave their post to search a 45 acre site! Please be realistic in your requests. 

Our official cancellation policy and terms and conditions can be found here

Practically, we will do everything in our power to ensure you have the best possible outdoor experience with us. We will endeavour to get you outdoors and give you value where ever possible. We understand that last-minute illness and injury are frustrating, we also understand that with a large group booking there will be the potential for a natural drop-off in numbers. 

We will do our best to work with you on this. 

We would ask you to consider our position. The outdoor activity high season in Ireland is incredibly short. If we receive a cancellation on the day or within 48 hours it is extremely unlikely that we will be able to resell that ticket. By holding the ticket it means that it is directly contributing to lost important revenue that has a direct impact on our future success. Last minute cancellations mean we cannot change our operations and staff levels. Each ticket has an operational cost impact that will be incurred regardless of your attendance. 

Some of the options that could possibly be put to you depending on the situation; 

  • Voucher (Can be gifted if you can not attend) 
  • Credit on your account 
  • Reschedule 
  • Partial Refund - minus admin fees 

We would ask that you work together with us on your particular situation so we can come to a mutually beneficial outcome. We are on a mission to inspire everyone to get active outdoors. This will be reflected in the way we practically and fairly deal with any refund issues. 

We are happy to help the community where we can and support local businesses/schools that have supported us throughout the years. Please fill in this form here and we would be happy to help where we can. We aim to help with sponsorship for causes that align with our values. For anything that promotes active outdoor lifestyles. 


Please be aware that we will review your application and send out applicants at the end of each month. Filling out the form does not guarantee a sponsorship prize. From 2023 on we will be publically announcing our sponsorship each season as part of ongoing transparency within the company. 


We get multiple requests for sponsorship each DAY! Please be patient and consider that we cannot support every single cause as much as we would like to. 


For any sponsorship awarded are sales team will be in touch to organize your next day out so please pass on the details of your group organizer within your organization.  

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