School Tours,

  • Minimum 25 Students

  • Suitable Ages 8 yrs +

  • Duration Full Day

  • Activity Type Height

  • Activity Type Land

  • Days Mon - Fri

  • Activity Type Water

Group Bookings

Your School Tour Experts 


We are committed to providing affordable educational experiences for schools. 

Our mission is to get Everyone outdoors, we love everything to do with the great outdoors and believe that there is no better School Tour for your students. We are here to create a space where your students can explore, play and rediscover the outdoors. We listen to feedback every year and use it to ensure that every school trip, whether Transition year, 1st/2nd years, Leaving cert applied, Gaisce or National school will be custom delivered to the need of your students. Booking with us is a breeze. Give the bookings team a call and we will take you through the process step by step. We have two amazing locations to choose from in Mallow and Coachford. Both offering Land | Water | Height activities.


We now are offering multi-day combined trips to both sites where your students can experience all the Ballyhass highlights ; Water park, Kayak expedition, Wilderness zone and High Nets course in Coachford while Zip lining, Wakeboarding and Cliff Climbing are just some of then highlights in Mallow. 


  • Transition Years

  • 1st/2nd Year Team Bonding 

  • Primary School Senior cycyle 8 years +

  • Residentials on on site in our Bunkhouse Village

  • Minimum 25 students


Huge Choice of Activities

All of our activities are instructor lead and fully supervised. Watch as our experienced mature instructors strike up bonds with your students that will develop into memories that will last a lifetime. Where else will you find a centre that guarantees water, height and land-based activities all on the same trip, all on the same site? No travelling to the beach. All are extremely fun and produce by-products of bonding, team building and personal development.


  • Low Ropes
  • Archery
  • Obstacle Course 
  • Challenge Games 
  • Wilderness 


  • Aquapark 
  • Kayaking 
  • SUP 
  • Wakeboarding 
  • Kayaking Expedition 


  • Leap Of Faith 
  • Gladiator 
  • Jacobs Ladder 
  • Rock Climbing 
  • Abseiling 
  • Ziplines 
  • High Nets NEW


Teachers Relax 

It’s your tour too! Take part, or sit back and watch your students have the time of their lives from our teachers chill out area with complimentary barista tea and coffee in our BH Coffee Dock. From here you can see all our activities on site. Ballyhass is fully supervised by professionals, put your trust in us and be rewarded with a hassle-free tour from the booking stage right the way through to the end of the tour day. ( We can’t stop them singing on the bus, sorry!)



Full-Day Adventure School Tour €50 Per Student 

  • 09.30 to 16.00 
  • 4 activities
  • Land, Water & Height Guaranteed on Both sites 
  • Aquapark Included 
  • Mallow & Coachford. 
  • Primary & Secondary 
  • Minimum x25 students

Off-Season 3 Activity Adventure School Tour €40 Per Student 

  • 5 hours activity time
  • 3 activities  
  • Guaranteed mix of land and water
  • Aquapark not available in off-season packages.
  • Pre Easter & November only. 

Half-Day Adventure School Tour €35 Per Student 

  • Available for selected dates in our Coachford site only
  • Two time slots available: 9.30-12.30 or 13.00-16.00
  • Aquapark and High Nets guaranteed
  • 2 activities


Residential and Multi Day Visit Packages

1 package with two unquie centres 

We are offering a unquie program whether over night or in one of our adventure programs which runs across two different locations. This keeps it super fresh for the students and offering almost double the choice in terms of activities. 1 booking two locations. 


Adventure Programs

1 - 5 days spread over a week or a term is a great way to complete your outdoor education cirriculum. Schools often choose one day a week to attend a Ballyhass centre and complete a days outdoor expereince. It allows our staff and leaders to work with your students on a regualr basis over a set schedule. 

  1. Week 1: Mallow - Multi Activity - Team Building focus 
  2. Week 2: Coachford - Multi Activity - Wilderness focus 
  3. Week 3: Mallow - Wakeboarding Cutting Edge Course 
  4. Week 4: Coachford Kayaking expedition Explore lee Valley tour 
  5. Week 5: Mallow Multi Activity - Graduation and completion cert Awarded 



Welcome to our new residential school tour with Ballyhass Adventure group Mallow! Nestled in the stunning countryside, our eco bunkhouse village offers a unique and memorable educational experience for students.

Our warm 6 person pods provide comfortable, cozy accommodations for students, while our communal tentpi marquee tent serves as a gathering space for meals and activities. An outdoor fire pit adds to the fun and ambiance of the village, and our staff is on hand to supervise and ensure the safety of all students.

Located overlooking the beautiful quarry lake in our Mallow location, our bunkhouse village offers a serene and picturesque setting for students to explore and learn. From night time activities to outdoor adventures, our school tour program is designed to engage and educate students in a fun and immersive way.

We look forward to hosting your school group at our eco bunkhouse village and providing a unique and memorable educational experience.

On a full residential school tour you get over 15 individual activities completed and a series of different course based modules can be added into the trip that will be certified and ideal for Gaisce sign offs. Each residential trip will be individually tailored to your group and packages can be incorporated to utilize both Mallow & Coachford.

1 Days 1 Night Residential

24 hours Afternoon to Afternoon

  • €145 per student

2 Days 1 Night Residential 

  • €175 per student

3 Days 2 Night Residential 

  • €270 per students


Custom Packages

We find the needs of all residental school tours can vary and our bookings team are on hand to build a bespoke school tour to suit your needs. Some schools may have to travel and arrive in the evning on day one or leave at lunch on the final day. All these types of changes can be incorporated into the planning of your event. 


Teachers & Supervision

There is a member of Ballyhass staff with your students at all times while on activities. At the accommodation, we will have a designated house master assigned to you and your group. You are free to take part in the program as much or as little as you would like. During the activity days, you have a full teachers lounge at your disposal with a stove, wifi and comfortable chill-out areas. The students will be using the main area as a hub to come back to after each activity phase so you will always be in touch with your group.


Please read very carefully. This is our recommended list of what to bring. Ballyhass will always provide all safety equipment including, helmets, harnesses, wetsuits and lifejackets. 

If your a parent or teacher with any questions please pop down to our site's or call us at Coachford: 021 733 4774 or at Mallow: 022 27773 


 Day Trip Adventure

Swimwear & Towel We will provide all the wetsuits and safety equipment. Swimming togs are to be worn under these. If you have your own wetsuit you are welcome to bring it along.
Plastic Bag or Dry bag You will more than likely have a lot of wet clothes so these are handy when packing.
Wet shoes or Old Shoes For kayaking and raft building you will need to wear some form of footwear in the water. For all other water activities, you will have to walk with wetsuits on so shoes/ flip flops are vital.
Warm Outdoor Clothing We are an outdoor activity centre. If it is raining we will still operate, we have a sheltered site that nothing short of a red weather warning stops us. It is your responsibility to have appropriate outdoor clothing. If nothing else at bringing a spare pair of clothes.
Rainproof outer layer Probably the most important part of all. You can pick up cheap ponchos in any supermarket outdoor store. It will make your experience so much better if it's raining. (Or at a minimum a spare pair of clothing that can act as an extra layer)
Big packed lunch On a full day, you will be outside for over 6.5 hours doing several active experiences. Trust us you WILL be hungry. We have a small cafe on site that has snacks available.
Refillable water bottle We have a water fountain on site that you can refill your water bottle in between sessions.
€ coins for the tuck shop Our hot chocolates are famous!! We will also have our Lets Eat Takeaway cafe working on some days. Check with us in advance or pre book hot meals for the whole group.
Hat/Gloves for colder months A woolly hat makes a huge difference in the shoulder seasons March/ April / September / October
Waterproof sunblock Even on a cloudy day, this prevents wind burn. We can't overstate how important this is <table border="> 
Over Night Adventure
Sleeping bag & pillows Every bunkhouse has a waterproof mattress please bring sleeping bags, pillows and warm clothing for the evening time.
Shower gear & toiletries You will have free time either in the evening or the morning to shower. Your group will appreciate it!!
Extra set of clothing You are here for an extra day don't forget..
Night time snacks All our accommodation partners are in rural settings with no access to snacks after the evening meals. No harm in having some extra midnight snacks. No One likes someone who is Hangry...
Pyjamas You will be sharing at all of our accommodation options.

Maximum Participation 

A core value of ours is to get every participant as invloved as possible. If there are students with special needs or a physical disabilty, we will do everything in our power to give them the most inclusive day out as possible with their peers. There is no one for all answer as to what each student can do. Every person has different requirments. If you have a student in these categories we will schedule a call to discuss what we can and cant facilitate based on the specfic indvidual. They should always attend the day as being with their friends outdoors even if they cant participate in everything is still very rewarding. Both sites are reasoanbly spectator friendly and again once we know who is coming we can make time allowances or extra staff available as is needed. 

What it means to us

  • To work together and bond on such activities as Kayaking, Low Ropes, Jacob's ladder, Team Challenges & Raft Building.
  • To support and encourage each other on the Zipline, Abseiling & Rock Climbing on our natural quarry rock cliffs
  • To discover new personal abilities and challenge themselves on activities like Leap of Faith & Gladiator Challenge

Challenge by choice is one of the values that you will hear again & again at Ballyhass. We will aim to encourage your students out of their comfort zone throughout the trip but they have final say. Everyone who steps on site gains something regardless of age or ability.

Booking Process

  1. Contact the bookings team and please make sure you have the following information ready;
    • Approx numbers of people and leaders in your group
    • Prefered date range 
    • An idea of the amount of time you would like to spend on-site (generally a 3 or 6-hour package) 
  2. Once a date is picked we will provisionally put you on our system. At this point, you will receive an email along with a deposit invoice. A deposit of €10 per person must be paid to secure the booking. 20% for residentials. 
  3. Final Payment is due two weeks prior to arrival.
  4. Final numbers are due at that point also. We allow for a 5% drop with no charge during the final two weeks. Last minute hiccups always happen and we want to have you covered. 
  5. You will receive a booking pack in the run-up to the event date. This will include all the details of the online waivers that must be completed by all participants. 
  6. Have an amazing outdoor experience with Team Ballyhass.
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