Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answer to our most commonly asked questions. If you dont see what you are looking for here feel free to email or call 022 27773 and the office team will take care of you.


There are two of us who want to do activities, can we just turn up?

We run a dedicated Summer Schedule in both July & August where yes you can just turn up, explore and play. For our most popular activities, we still really recommend booking in advance, especially in the peak summer months to avoid disappointment. Outside of this Summer Public Scedule a lot of our adventure activities are predominantly best suited for a group. We look for a minimum of ten people to take part in activities. This is because we want to provide the best experience possible. With a group it is far more fun as we can create a whole event out of each activity, playing games and little competitions between members of the group.  There are however a few exceptions to this rule and they are our Aquapark and Wakeboarding as well as the aforementioned Summer Public Schedule.These can be done by individuals, couples or small groups.

Can we just do one activity?

How long do we have to book in advance?

Do I have to pay a deposit when booking?

How do I fill in a Ballyhass Smart Waiver?

What activities are suitable for adults?

What activities are suitable for children?

My child is under 8 can they take part in activities?

Im nervous of heights or a particular activity, will I have to do it?

Can some of my group do different activities than the others?

Can we just rent a kayak and go out ourselves, or use my own boat?

Is there something for me to do on site while my group is on activities?

What do I bring for a day at Ballyhass?

Is there cafe on site?

Can we arrange catering for our group?

Can I go for a swim in the lake?


Is the lake open for fishing?

Unfortunately no. The lake/site has got so busy with activities we have ceased stocking the lake and are no longer offering fishing.

Is the tackle shop still open?


Can I book in for a 1 night stay?

No. We have a minimum of a two night stay in the houses. Our rates our broken down into a 2night/3night or 7night stay.

Can I book a 3 night stay in July?

Are activities included with a house booking?

What is a Wakecation?

Are the Holiday Homes Pet Friendly?

Is there WiFi?

I have a group of 14+ participants, can we stay in the holiday homes?

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