Posted on: 14 Sep 2022

Back To School Top Ballyhass Tips

Back To School Top Ballyhass Tips

It’s that time of the year again when the evenings start getting darker and the school bags and uniforms come out from hiding under the stairs again. This summer was awesome, we had splashing in the aquapark, zipline screams, open nights and of course loads and loads of summer campers! The new school year is a time to make new friends, take up a new hobby and refresh for the rest of the year. Check out our top tips for getting back to school below. 


1. Routine

Set up a routine that works for you and stick to it. Set up daily times to wake up, when to pack school lunches, when homework time is and of course keep time for play and getting active. 


2. Start Walking or Biking to School

Is sitting in morning school rush traffic really worth it? Fuel prices are still up and parking is impossible near most schools. Skip the rush and start walking or cycling to school with your kids if it's safe to do so. Exercise improves mood and physical health and studies show it even helps kids stay focused for longer! Buy some good quality bike locks and park up close to the school so you can all bike home together too.


 3. Don’t Forget the Fun

September has a bad rep, it's when school is back, the weather starts getting a tiny bit colder and it’s generally quite an expensive month for parents. But we are still in summer (technically) and there are still some awesome activities to do after school or on the weekend. You could even use one as a reward. Check out the Aquapark €20pp or High Nets €12pp running all day on weekends or go to the local parks after school! 


4. Avoid the Morning Rush

We know you are tired after work and school and everything else that comes with being a parent but try to start well and get lunches and school bags packed the night before. It’ll save time in the morning and let you drink your coffee in peace. Of course change it up depending on if you are a night owl or a morning bird, find the way that suits you best!


5. Don’t Sweat the Big Stuff

If you are getting stressed out and bogged down with appointments, play dates, activities, work and everything else try to work out day by day tasks instead. Factor in break times for yourself as well as the kids and if the days are too full, break it into hours, you got this!


6. Limit the Screen Time

At least for September when homework is done get everyone outside playing in the green or garden while the evenings are still long. Send the kids out with some water to go play with their friends outside or give them a task like making a bug hotel or outdoor painting. 


7. Ask About Everyone's Day

How many times have you asked this question and gotten a grunt or groan in response? Me too, just because they don’t tell you about their day doesn't mean you shouldn't ask. You might not get much information but at least you get something! Tell them about your day too to get the ball rolling. Chat about today's events and tomorrow's plans so everyone knows what's up!


8. School Lunches

There are some awesome tutorials popping up everywhere for school lunch ideas and ways to store them so they don't spill. Check out tiktok for some great tutorials on school lunch ideas, of course we aren't talking about cutting each piece of fruit into a different shape here. Just some affordable lunch tips that aren't ham & cheese sandwiches for the whole school year.


9. Give your Child Independence

Speaking of school lunches, are you the one doing all the cooking or are the kids helping out? Get little kids to help out or watch and big kids could even try starting to make their own lunches. Ask your child what time they want to do homework (maybe they want to do it at homework club) and encourage them to stick to it, same with brushing teeth and other little tasks. Trust us you will be thankful for it in the future!


10. Take a Breath!

You are doing great.

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