By: Eoghan | Posted on: 14 Sep 2023

Ballyhass Adventure Group is Proud to be B Corp Certified!

Ballyhass Adventure Group is Proud to be B Corp Certified!

Adventure, Education, and Sustainability: A B Corp Commitment From the joy-filled smiles of a child conquering their first climbing challenge to the calm reflection of an adult reconnecting with nature, Ballyhass Adventure Group has been a beacon for outdoor experiences. Today, we proudly announce that our passion for the great outdoors, community, and sustainability has been recognized with B Corp Certification!

What B Corp Means to Ballyhass

Long before our B Corp journey, our commitment to the outdoors and its transformative benefits was evident in every initiative. Through sponsored outdoor events, scholarships for schools, and encouraging our team to embrace the outdoors, our dedication has been unwavering.

Championing Adventure Tourism

One of our most ardent pursuits is promoting adventure tourism. We believe in showcasing the breathtaking beauty of our landscapes, ensuring they're accessible to everyone. But more than just providing a tourist experience, we emphasize education, aiming to transform every adventure into a learning journey. It's about instilling an appreciation for the natural world, understanding its wonders, and advocating for its preservation. Our latest lauch of the Outdoor Training shows our commitment to put training and outdoor education at the heart of everything we do. Accessibilty to the outdoors must be accompanied by quality and expereince. 

Affordability and Accessibility: The Heart of Our Mission

To truly inspire the next outdoor generation, our focus goes beyond mere experiences. We're resolute in making our adventures affordable and accessible to all. Everyone, irrespective of background or means, should have the opportunity to experience the therapeutic and invigorating benefits of the great outdoors.

Empowering Communities through Education

Knowledge is the torch we pass on to future generations. By providing educational resources, training programs, and interactive experiences, we want to ensure that every individual doesn’t just partake in an activity, but truly understands and appreciates its significance.

Towards a Brighter, Greener Future

Our B Corp certification is not just an accolade. It’s a testament to our values, an embodiment of our commitment, and a roadmap for our future. As we forge ahead, our sights are set on strengthening community ties, enhancing our educational endeavors, and driving forward the cause of affordable and accessible adventure tourism.

To our beloved community – partners in our mission – we extend our gratitude. Together, let's celebrate, educate, and inspire. For a closer look at our B Corp initiatives and a deeper understanding of our commitment, please visit the dedicated B Corp section on our website.



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