Posted on: 18 May 2022

Everything Adventure Pass

- The grass is greener when you water it -


Play and Replay with Ballyhass’s Adventure Pass this summer! This pass was made for people that want to come back to Ballyhass more than once this summer, and to save you money! One of our Core Values is to Engage in Communities, our Adventure Pass is a way we achieve this goal. Regular wakeboarders, swimmers, and families that come down to Ballyhass to practise a sport or have a blast can save so much on this pass. Not to mention that one pass covers four people! With three different durations to choose from there is a pass for everyone this year at Ballyhass!


So What does it Actually do?

  • 30% off all activities
  • One pass 4 people
  • Both sites 
  • €50 additional FREE credit with Season Pass
  • Saves all of your waivers


Our Adventure Pass gives you up to 30% off on all activities, camps & learn-to’s across both our centres for up to four people. All pass holders can be invited to pass-only events through the summer, these are great for meeting other people with similar interests to your own! Buy our Season Pass and get an extra €50 credit added to your account for free. Or grab a 1 or 2 month pass and top it up as you go or gift it to an active friend.


How Does it work?

  • Online only
  • Log-in on our website
  • Discounts automatically entered at checkout
  • Top Up Credit online


Once you buy the pass either online or in person it's time to set up your account. Press the Login button beside the shopping cart on our website to create your Adventure Pass account. Once you're logged in you automatically get 30% off events, courses and activities Ballyhass Mallow & Coachford have to offer! Now you can fill out waivers that save to your account for quick checkout, add credit to your account so the whole family can use it and get outdoors for an awesome Ballyhass summer!


Check out some of our Examples here;

Adventure Pass for Open Water Swimmers real world example 

3 months of 3 swims per week = 36 swims total 

36 Swims x RRP €10 = €360 

36 Swims x Adventure Pass Price €5 = €180!! 

You save a total of €180

Remember that one Adventure Pass will cover a whole family or couple!


Adventure Pass for Teenage Water Sports Summer Camp

2 teens attending camp for a week each = €300 RRP

Adventure Pass pricing = €230

You save a total of €70!!

Remember that the Season Pass gives you €50 extra credit to use for FREE!

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