Posted on: 09 Jul 2022

How Do We Train Our Staff? WSA Sit-On-Top Kayaking Guide

WSA Sit On Top Kayaking Guide's 


How we train our staff 

At Ballyhass we do it all. Our Land, Water and Height activities are amazing for public bookings, team building sessions, summer camps, learn-to sports and more! We do most of our training inhouse at either Ballyhass Coachford or Mallow. 




Our experienced staff have been trained by associated governing bodies. These are organisations who have been certified to fulfil a purpose, training people to keep others safe while swimming or kayaking. We learn from the pros and this is why we are confident that our training is best practice nationally/internationally. Find out more about them here RLSS, PHECC, WSA. 

The Water Skills Academy (WSA) is an internationally recognised organisation providing instructor courses in watersports. So how does it work? We send experienced employees on intensive courses at WSA to become certified in training, and then they train our own instructors on becoming guides, simple! 

Our WSA Sit On Top Kayaking Guide course is 18+ and takes place over two days. Instructors learn flat water rescue techniques and practise these with the group under the supervision of their instructor. They learn paddling techniques, weather monitoring, dynamic environment assessing and situational first aid. Because we run it inhouse we can also teach our instructors all about the nature of the River Lee, helping them gain knowledge to share with their very own tours! 

This course is awesome and is the only one that covers sheltered waters such as coastal, rivers, and lakes. You can book a slot and learn all of these skills to become a kayaking SOT guide too! Check out our public sessions on this course and email if you are interested! 

Congratulations to all of our staff and customers that have completed the course so far this year! Check out more information about our SOT Guide Kayaking course here! 

Team Ballyhass

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