At Ballyhass Adventure Group, we deeply understand the unparalleled potential that people hold. Our greatest strength has always been our Team, the passionate individuals who are the beating heart of our organization.

Empowering Young Leaders

Our future lies in the hands of the young, enthusiastic individuals who show an unwavering passion for the outdoors. Recognizing this, we've embarked on a dedicated mission to nurture these budding leaders:

Mentorship Programs: Our seasoned experts regularly conduct mentorship programs, imparting valuable knowledge and sharing personal experiences that shape the careers of these young leaders.

Training Initiatives: We provide ample opportunities for hands-on training, enabling these individuals to hone their skills, learn the intricacies of outdoor activities, and understand the ethos of leadership in real-world scenarios. The training arm of our company has been in part set up to ensure constatnt and relevant upskilling in professional certification that will promote and upskill our team from within. If or when a Team member leave to expand their expereince we want them to leave Ballyhass with more expereince and real world applicable qualifications as possible. 

Growth Support: At Ballyhass, potential is never left unrecognized. We ensure that our young leaders have clear paths for progression, providing them with opportunities to take up roles of responsibility and contribute meaningfully to our community and operations.

Gender Equality & Diversity

Diversity is our strength, and inclusion is our commitment. We firmly believe that a mix of diverse perspectives leads to richer experiences for everyone involved:

Inclusive Recruitment: Our hiring processes are meticulously designed to ensure that talent is recognized beyond gender, ethnicity, or background. We prioritize the skills, passion, and dedication an individual brings.

Equal Opportunities: Every member of our team, irrespective of gender or background, is provided with equal opportunities for growth, training, and leadership roles.

Celebrating Differences: At Ballyhass, we celebrate the myriad cultures, traditions, and perspectives our team members bring. This celebration not only fosters a sense of belonging but also enriches our communal experience.

Living Wages & Pay Equity

Fairness in compensation is not just a practice, but a principle deeply ingrained in our ethos:

Commitment to Fair Pay: We are proud to ensure that every member of our team, regardless of their role, is compensated fairly and adequately for their dedication and hard work.

Pay Equity Audits: To uphold our commitment, we regularly conduct pay equity audits, ensuring that there are no disparities in compensation based on gender, ethnicity, or any other factor.

Benefits & Well-being: Beyond just wages, we emphasize the overall well-being of our employees. 

By championing the power of people, we aim to create not just a workplace, but a community where passion for the outdoors meets unwavering commitment to excellence and fairness.

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