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The Ultimate Outdoor Product

Our premium, custom & complete outdoor product

We believe that people getting outdoors together leads to great things.We deliver full group experiences on the water, land and in the air to achieve this. Coming together around specifically designed challenges and tasks is the best way to cement relationships and understanding. This year we have done just that. We are Ballyhass Lakes and we are really proud to inspire with our Experience Product.


Trust us to deliver the Ultimate Experience

We have said it before and we will say it again we are super proud of these Experience Packages, whether you are a corporate group coming for a fun day out or serious team building, whether you are a group of friends celebrating a 30th or sending one of your friends up the aisle, or even a sports team looking to make this season the one that your club will remember for ever, trust in us to deliver an experience that we know from 15 years of experience works and that we know will deliver your required results. Give us a call and see just how easy that is.

Your Custom Experience

We have three different Experience Package catering for corporate groups, sports teams & general adult groups. Each is 100% customized in order to achieve the goals & needs of your group. Our sports team experience is tailored to get the best out of your team with an emphasis on physical fitness and mental challenges. For Corporate groups we have a business experience that will optimize the group dynamic in your workplace by crossing those divides like only shared experiences can do. We will bring out the best in your team, provide positive communication, highlight leadership skills, and facilitate problem solving as one combined unit. For all other groups whether stags, hens or a group of friends, our group experiences are all about fun. You will be laughing from start to finish with your experienced guides!



Corporate Experience

Aims: Outdoor Learning, Increased Motivation, Enhance Team Ethos, Leader Identification

Our Corporate Experiences are produced with the sole aim of bringing people together and encouraging them to have no-holes-barred fun, resulting in an improved collective performance via a series of ice breakers, tasks and shared goals. Without the constraints of the work environment, team building exercises can prove extremely beneficial – with positive outcomes for both employer and employee. We have even found that our experiences tend to lead to people discovering talents and strengths that might otherwise have remained dormant or hidden.

Our staff are experienced at creating and delivering programmes to fulfill a range of training areas, such as building staff cohesion, communication skills, team work or developing management and leadership ability.

All packages include an Experience Event which caps off the day in style, generally competitive but not exclusively so, we will challenge your group and demonstrate to you just how much they have learnt throughout the day. This usually consists of a challenge race on land or water or both!  


Sports Team Experience

Aims: Improved Communication, Highlight Leadership Skills, Increased Motivation.

Our Sports Team Experience is designed for teams to connect, build trust and experience what it takes to dig deep together to achieve a common goal. We have seen some of our most competitive Challenge Events on this package.

We have 4 acres of playing pitches on site so it is the ideal training centre to combine your general routine with our Experience Events to get the maximum results from just a one day event!

Team building is vital to all sporting squads because the members are drawn from different social backgrounds, different work environments, attend different schools and colleges. A successful team building day allows members get to see one another in a new and different light and the results can be instant – a better attitude to team objectives, increased attendance for training sessions, more trust and less individual play on the playing site. Team building will bring out the best in a team, provide positive communication, highlight leadership skills and facilitate problem solving as one combined unit.


Group Experience

Aims: To have the most fun and banter possible in one day!

Stags, Hens, Families, Reunions, Birthdays, just a random sunny Thursday afternoon? Who cares, why do we need an excuse to have fun outdoors. We will customize the day to whatever the occasion. Its suitable for all ages & abilities.

Get your friends and families unplug and get outdoors. We have watersports, high adrenaline and skill based activities that will be perfect for everyone. Whether it’s the splash and dash of Kayaking and Raft Building to the one on one coaching of the Wakeboarding, your water needs are met. Combine that with our Zipline and High Ropes courses or get your eye in down at our Archery Range or Low Ropes courses.  

Let us introduce you to something new today. Give us a call and we will get started on your outdoor rediscovery.


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