For more than two decades, Ballyhass Adventure Group has explored the uncharted terrains of leisure and adventure, combining exhilarating experiences with a deep commitment to the environment. Our decision to embrace the B Corp certification is not just a milestone but a testament to our enduring journey towards creating a positive impact in the world of adventure tourism.


Our dedication towards sustainable leisure activities and nurturing an environment-friendly approach goes hand-in-hand with the B Corp ethos. At Ballyhass, we recognize that our adventures have the power to shape attitudes towards our planet, and our commitment extends far beyond just adventure.

  • People First: For over 20 years, we've built an empowered team of young individuals with a shared passion for the outdoors. Friendly, approachable, and brimming with enthusiasm, they’re the backbone of our sustainable journey.
  • Elevating Experiences, Elevating Lives: Every interaction with our customers is grounded in the principles of sustainability, responsibility, and boundless fun.
  • Adventure with Accountability: Our certification reaffirms our dedication to environmental stewardship and our commitment to our employees, customers, and communities.


Our mission has always resonated with the B Corp spirit. By merging thrilling adventures with conscientious business practices, we’ve not only fostered a love for the outdoors but also a respect for the world around us.

  • Transparency in Action: Our B Corp journey demands rigorous evaluation, and we openly share our achievements and challenges, offering a transparent insight into our operations.
  • Community at Heart: From the vibrant teams we build to the communities we serve, our goal is to strengthen ties, foster inclusivity, and give back in meaningful ways.
  • Eco-Conscious Adventures: From our earliest days, sustainability has been at our core. Every adventure is curated with utmost respect for the environment, ensuring that we leave no trace behind.


As we celebrate over 20 years of adventure and sustainability, we invite you to be a part of the Ballyhass legacy. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or someone looking to reconnect with nature, with us, you’re not just embarking on an adventure; you're championing a greener, brighter future.


Ballyhass Adventure Group and the Adventure Tourism market we operate in have changed over the years, sometimes by choice and other times by necessity. Throughout all the changes and growth of the business, there has always been a fundamental belief. Giving people access to the outdoors while providing instructor-led experience has a hugely positive impact. Evident in the feedback, smiles and laughter of the outdoor spaces we operate in.

It is on this foundation that we grew and developed our team and in time the type and quality of experiences we provided. We distilled our value system down to 7 core principles that guided our business decisions

  1. Deliver the Best Possible Outdoor Experience
  2. Committed to Safety Through Learning
  3. Personality, Passion & Fun
  4. Maximum Participation 
  5. Adapt, Adjust & Accommodate
  6. Engaging Communities
  7. Champion the Outdoors

It is by following these values that we inevitably found B-Corp and the Business impact assessment.

The B-Corp assessment and the framework it offered felt like the perfect fit in our next steps in ethically growing the business. The purpose driven attributes of the B-Corp movement overlapped seamlessly with our own values and daily lived experience and interaction with customers and employees. We saw it as a way to measure the positive impact we were having not just through footfall, but in the tangible and intangible impacts of our business on individuals and communities themselves.

We have come to see our business as one that has evolved to inspire and support an outdoor generation, the B-Corp accreditation is not the summit, but the GPS signal we use to know we are on track. Together with the B-Corp community and movement we will continue to improve and showcase that business can be used as a force for good.

The B-Corp process requires ongoing improvement, monitoring and reapplication. It is through this process and our passion to deliver on our core values  that we stand unwavering in our commitment to continue to what we have achieved so far and grow our impact and reach across our industry and stakeholders we work with.

Empowering Young Leaders

Gender Equality & Diversity

Living Wages & Pay Equity

We actively monitor and report on our sustainability impacts. We have set clear goals and targets in line with our EMS policy. First we are looking hard to refine our own operations to minimise our footprint. We also work with our suppliers to improve and bring circularity to our supply chains and finally look to educate and support sustainability action through showcasing our own journey to our own customers, and/or support community action groups that have environmental credentials.

Our Partners

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