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What To Bring 

Please read very carefully. This is our recommended list of what to bring. Ballyhass will always provide all safety equipment including, helmets, harnesses, wetsuits and lifejackets. 


Day Trip 

Swimwear & Towel

We will provide all the wetsuits and safety equipment. Swimming togs are to be worn under these. If you have your own wetsuit you are welcome to bring it along. 

Plastic Bag 

You will more than likely have a lot of wet clothes so these are handy when packing. 

Wet shoes or Old Shoes

For kayaking and raft building you will need to wear some form of footwear in the water. For all other water activities, you will have to walk with wetsuits on so shoes/ flip flops are vital. 

Warm Outdoor Clothing

We are an outdoor activity centre. If it is raining we will still operate, we have a sheltered site that nothing short of a red weather warning stops us. It is your responsibility to have appropriate outdoor clothing. If nothing else at bringing a spare pair of clothes.

Rainproof outer layer 

Probably the most important part of all. You can pick up cheap ponchos in any supermarket outdoor store. It will make your experience so much better if it's raining. (Or at a minimum a spare pair of clothing that can act as an extra layer) 

Big packed lunch                                         

On a full day, you will be outside for over 6.5 hours doing several active experiences. Trust us you WILL be hungry. We have a small cafe on site that has snacks available. 

Refillable water bottle

We have a water fountain on site that you can refill your water bottle in between sessions.

€ coins for the tuck shop

Our hot chocolates are famous!! 

Hat/Gloves for colder months                                       

A woolly hat makes a huge difference in the shoulder seasons March/ April / September / October 

Waterproof sunblock 

Even on a cloudy day, this prevents wind burn. We can't overstate how important this is at all times of the year regardless of what the weather forecast says. 

Over Night Trip 

Bring everything you need for a day trip plus the following

Shower gear & toiletries  

You will have free time either in the evening or the morning to shower. Your group will appreciate it!!  

Extra set of clothing 

You are here for an extra day don't forget..

Night time snacks

All our accommodation partners are in rural settings with no access to snacks after the traditional Irish meals. No harm in having some extra midnight snacks. No One likes someone who is Hangry... 


You will be sharing at all of our accommodation options. (All linen will be provided for on the trip)  


Dont just take our word for it...

On behalf of Brookfield College I just wanted to extend a warm thank you to all the team at Ballyhass Mallow, for a winderful trip there last week. It was the perfect etting for our school event. It was fun, educational and exciting. Your leaders were very knowledgeable, entertaining and provided super fun for all the students. They took good care of our students, making sure they were comfortable in the environment and could all participate. The team was top notch. We give you an A+

Elisha Dowling 


Brookfield College

September 2018



Ballyhass Outdoor Activities 


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