Sauna Recovery, Mallow

  • Suitable Ages 16 yrs +

  • Duration 50-55 mins

  • Difficulty Challenge By Choice

  • Activity Type Water

  • Group Bookings

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Sauna Recovery

Brand New for 2022

Our outdoor saunas are a must for you this summer! Relax, recover, and revive all while looking out at our crystal clear Ballyhass Mallow lake. Our high quality thermal wood only a few steps away from our Open Water swim area – perfect for trying out some Hot & Cold therapy (see below).


How it works:

  • Arrive with two towels and togs, lots of water and a dry-robe or changing poncho would also be helpful.
  • Enter our saunas and relax (max 15mins before stepping outside for a break from the heat)
  • Submerge yourself into our crystal clear lake for 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Rest outside of the saunas for a few minutes - to recalibrate your body temperature.
  • Repeat three times.
  • Each session is 45mins to 55mins long.

You do not need to submerge into our lake, but you must take a break from the sauna every 10 to 15 mins. Check out our Sauna & Open Water Swim for another option.


Fast Fact’s 

  • Improves overall health, wellness & performance 
  • Improves Heart Health
  • Aid in Recovery after exercise (makes it perfect for team recovery sessions)
  • Improve Brain Health 
  • Relives stress
  • Induce a deeper sleep
  • Help fight illness
  • Cleanse skin 
  • Feels bloody amazzzinnnggg!!! 

  • €10pp with Adventure Pass
  • €12pp online
  • €20pp RRP - when booking over the phone or on the day
  • €15pp for Team Recovery Sessions 

Includes Tea / Coffee & water

Team Recovery 1 hour session: Max 12 people

Team Recovery 2 hour session: Max 24 people

Saturday: 10am | 11am | 12 noon

Sunday: 11am | 12 noon

Private Hire times available, call 022 27773 or email to book with bookings team. 

Saunas alone are known for relaxing muscles, and allowing blood to flow more freely around the body. They are proven to release endorphins which help boost your mood and reduce muscle pain. Hot & Cold therapy is essentially going from a hot sauna into a cold bath of water like a lake or the ocean. Its an amazing treatment for pain and inflammation that comes with conditions like arthritis, chronic fatigue & pain, fibromyalgia, headaches and back pain. As well as being great for athletes who need to heal muscles fast.

  • The saunas are for anyone 16yrs and over. 
  • Please shower before you arrive. (there are showers available on site but only small numbers so please arrive at least 30mins before your recovery session start time if need to shower first.) 
  • Shoes are not permitted in the saunas 
  • Do not wear any creams or lotions. 
  • Jewelry is not permitted as metal can heat up against the skin and cause burns. Make sure your swimwear doesn't contain any metal parts. 
  • Water and hot stones are to be used with caution in the sauna. 
  • No food or drink is allowed in the sauna, please leave your water bottles outside. 
  • Anyone with an open wound will not be allowed into the sauna.

What should I bring?

Two Towels - One cotton towel to sit on inside the sauna and one to dry off after. Dry robes and changing ponchos are ideal. 

Flip/flops to walk from sauna to lakeside entrance (20m walk) 

Big refillable water bottles for extra hydration. Hydration is key. Drink plenty before and after the sauna. 


What age is this suitable for? 

There is risk invloved with Hot/Cold therapies, we only allow participants 16yrs and up take part in these recovery sessions. 

Do I have to be able to swim? 

No, not at all. Our Saunas are always manned with a lifeguard that monitors the cold dip section. That section is deep water, but has step access so you slowly lower yourself into the water and your own pace. There are floating boys all around the deep plunge section. 

Is there anyone else who cant take part? 

  1. Anyone with heart conitions or other medical conditions that are effected by heat treatment. 
  2. Pregant women are not advised to use saunas
  3. Anyone younger then 16. 

Can I bring my own oils? 

Only if it is a private hire session, please let the Team Ballyhass Member know you are using it and they will show you the proper application. Use per scoop,nopt per bucket. 

Can I combine this session with other activities? 

Absolutely yes! perfect with open water swimming, SUP, Kayaking, Wakeboarding and more!! Call the bookings team from more information. 

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