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  • Suitable Ages 10-65

  • Difficulty Moderate

  • Activity Type Water

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Join an Amazing Watersports Community In Cork


The wakepark is centre to the Ballyhass community and has been for the last 5 seasons. If you are looking to learn a new sport with an incredible progression, meet some new people you are buzzing for you to land your next trick, look no further. You are about to be hooked. This is the most accessible water sport for all ages 10 yrs plus and most of all fantastic fun. 

What is it? 

Wakeboarding is the latest action water sport to take over the world. Born through a lack of waves and a desire to further surfing, wakeboarding has grown from it's routes in California to cover every continent around the world, from Cuba to Russia and everywhere in between. This high speed action sport is traditionally (and predominantly) performed using a purpose built speed boat. The rider is towed behind at around 25mph which enables them to use the boat's wake to perform various air tricks.

More recently we are seeing a new form of transport in the form of cable wakeboarding, which is rapidly gaining popularity because the innovative cable system allows wakeboard riders of all ages and experience levels to wakeboard without requiring a boat. It's less expensive compared to all the costs involved with boat wakeboarding and a lot less hassle. Cable ways are clean, efficient, quiet and overall, very environmentally friendly. But best of all, you can ride many more sets in a day than you ever could behind the boat.

It is a very easy sport to learn and has an amazing and quick progression ladder for development and improvement. All our sessions are coached 1 on 1 so no matter what your level you will be gaining the very best expereince and you will always come away progressing, buzzing for the sport and after meeting new people. 


2 Straight Line Cable Systems to choose from;

We have two parks to choose from. Both parks will always be set up, in off peak times we may just have one park open with one operator so you will get to choose when you arrive which one you want to shred. Other times you will need to select the park at time of booking. Beginners should aim for the west park if possible although we can still run lessons on both parks. No matter what level you are at our coaches are there to get you standing for the first time or land your first mobe tick. 

East Park 

  • 170m Riding Length 
  • Box Rail 
  • Long Flatbar Rail 
  • Transfer Box
  • Barrel Incline 
  • XL Kicker x 2 

West Park 

  • 120m Riding Length ]
  • Incline Rail 
  • Small Kicker x 2 
  • The Bouys 
  • Awesome for Airtricks


Beginner Adult - €25 per set

Beginner u16 - €15 per set 

We would recommend you get two sets per day. Trust thats loads. If there are two of you coming that would be 4 sets which = 1 full hour of cable rental with your own private coach. 


Special reduced prices available with a Ballyhass Adventure Pass Membership, plus additional discounts when adding credit to your account. 

Opening times vary throughout the year. We try to open the park to meet the demand and when the weather allows.

  • March and April - Weekends only
  • May and June - Weekday evenings & all day weekends (Weekend night time sessions) 
  • July and August - All day 7 days a week (Weekend night time sessions) 
  • September and October - Weekday evenings & all day weekends
  • November & December - Weekends only

Jam Nights

The best way to get to meet the crew. Rather than booking your 15 min sets book in for on of our jam nights where loads of people head down for an evening and roate around both parks in smaller 5 minute sets. It allows you to practice one trick at a time and get egged on by the crowd on the dock. You alwyas get to see other riders rip it up. Its amazing what you will pick up from just watching. Super fun nights and now with the floodlights goes well into dock. Each night has a different theme and includes snacks and challenges. Check out our recent news and events to keep up to date with our next jam night. 

This one is for riders at obstacle standard only. The coaching comes from the crowd for good or ill! 


Junior Jams 

The same great atmosphere as the the main jams but just for the younger crew. Every other week to the main jams aimed at 10 to 16 yrs olds. Also check out our cutting edge summer camp, same age group and aimed at everything watersports. Runs 2 - 3 times a year Monday - Friday 09.30 - 12.30. See our summer camp section fro full details. 



Ladies Mornings and Couch to Kicker Courses 

Our ladies wake and cake morings have always been a main stay since the founding of the park. In the last couple of years we have been running our couch to kicker coures. 6 weeks where our female coaches take you from the couch to your first kicker hit (ramp) one weekday evening a week for 6 weeks. Ideal to meet new people and wake buddies for years to come. The sport is super friendly and welcoming but knowing you have someone to compete with and challenge each other makes all the difference to making this a lifestyle sport. 


Ballyhass Open Compeition

Our mainstay compeition which runs in a different format each year, has multiple stops and allows you to show off to your friends and family. Its a great goal to work towards and keeps you pushing yourself. Work with our coaches to perfect your run and lay it all out there. There is no better feeling. 




Your First Time? 

We recommend you go for two sets (Two 15 minute timeslots) this gives you a chance to get out on the water, come back in take a break, take stock and get back and see just how much you learnt in that first set. If you are bringing a friend its great to go alternative sets. If not juts book your timeslots with a set in between and it may fill by one of our regulars who are always more than happy to share their knowledge. 

Check out this great video show casing what its like to visit the park for th first time. 


Experienced Riders


For more experience riders, check out our adventure pass. Its the most affordable way to ride continusly at Ballyhass. Discounted sets all season long. Add credit to your account from even more discount. 


The wakepark is a 5 minute walk from the reception is its good to give yourself a bit of time prior to arrival so you can get your bearings especially on your first time out. Flip flops are important or people change on the dock with robies which can be bought in the pro shop. The secert it is working out your timings so you know how much time it will take from home to park, shower change and home again. Make wakeboarding part of your lifetsyle. 


For Beginners;

  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Plastic bag/Dry bag for afterwards
  • Wetsuit (optional) we provide one free of charge if you do not own one
  • Sunscreen
  • Crocs/Sandals (optional) no footwear with hard soles is allowed on the aquapark

Ballyhass will supply at no additional cost for beginners lessons; 

  • Board
  • Bindings
  • Impact vest
  • Helmet

Expereienced Riders - Obstacle standards boards available to rent: €10 per day. 

Group Bookings Available 

Ideal for your team day out... If you have a group that are into watersports look no further. Its suitable for 12 people every 90 minutes. So if you have 24 people you will be looking to book 3 hours on the park. You will have the whole wakpark and dock to yourselves. On a summers day while the sun is shinning the water is crystal clear and you are all hanging out together, there reall is no better outdoor experience.


Combine Wakeboarding on Axe-Throwing

One of our other great activities axe throwing is the perfect partner activity to make the ultimate day out. Adult sports teams corporate groups and more have a blast with this combination. The axe throwing consists of a group tournament to establish the G.O.A.T of the day so if you werent competitive enough on the wake park you are in luck, you still have a chance to beat your buddies. 

Other great activitiy combinations; 

  • ZIpline & Crate Stack 
  • High Ropes 
  • Cliff Climbing 
  • Low ropes & Team Games 
  • Kayaking 
  • Archery 


Top off the day with food from the LETS EAT Cafe. Food packages can be included with all activity combo days. Contact the Bookings team now on 022 27773 and they can help you organize all aspects of your day out. 

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