Coachford Explorers, Coachford

  • Duration 09.30 - 16.00

  • Suitable Ages 8 yrs +

  • Activity Type Land | Water | Height

  • Difficulty Moderate

  • Days Mon - Fri

  • Wetsuits Provided

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An Entirely Unique Camp with Exploration at its Core

Fast Facts 

  • 8 - 16 yr olds 
  • Monday - Friday 
  • 09.30 - 16.00 
  • Over 15 different activities completed
  • Guaranteed water each day 
  • Dedicated group leaders 
  • Camp Tee / Lanyards / Stickers 
  • Our most unique camp based around a Kayak expedition 
  • Maximum group Size 15
  • You do not have to be able to swim
    • We recoomend confidence in the water essential to be happy floating in a lifejacket. 
  • Challenge by choice: we will challenge you but will never force any participant.
  • Guaranteed to be with your friends up to a group size of 10 


We have over 10 years experience running the most adventurous summercamps around. Our 5 day programmes have a unique blend of land, water and height activities that you will not find anywhere else. Each day our explorer’s will take part in active learning modules all in preparation for their expedition on the Inniscarra Lake exploring the wonders of the Lee Valley.All of our campers are placed in groups with similar aged participants so don’t worry if you don’t know anyone. All kids will make friends for life.


The explorers is a camp we are truly excited about. In our eyes its everything a camp should be about - Outdoors | Adventure | Learning | Fun | Social | Progression | Exploration. Each day builds up to an amazing exploration trip around the Lee Valley, a trip that is filled with history nature and much much more.



RRP - €230

Online Price - €210

Adventure Pass - €199


** If you are unsure about coming for the full week try our One Day Warriors, they are a great way to get a taste of the week and see how everyone enojoyed themselves. They are a slightly shorter day but they get to meet our instructors and the type of people who will be joining them on the course. 

Mon - Friday. 9:30am - 4pm

On day one please be on site for between 9.00 (at the earliest) and 9.30. There is a checkin process and group allocation. Its important here if you want to be in the same group together that you let us know. We will guarantee that you are in the same group as your friends once we are told about it. You can do this at checkin with the summer camp supervisor and they will ensure they are in the same group together. 


** You will be required to sign in and out your campers each day with their group leader. If you have someone else picking them up we must be notified in advance, ideally the day before. 


  • July 4th to 8th
  • July 11th to 15th
  • July 18th to 22nd
  • July 25th to 29th
  • August 1st to 5th
  • August 8th to 12th
  • August 15th to 19th

​​​​​​Get Excited!! 

Land, Water & Height elements throughout the week. 

  • Kayaking 
  • Suping 
  • Aquapark 
  • Team Challenges
  • Wilderness 
  • Bushcraft 
  • Archery 
  • Fire Lighting 
  • Shelter Building 
  • Expedition Tour 


And this year we're very excited to introduce you to raft building.


Book Online. You can book over the phone but RRP price will be charged.

  • Swimwear & Towel
    • We will provide all the wetsuits and safety equipment. Swimming togs are to be worn under these. If you have your own wetsuit you are welcome to bring it along. 
  • Plastic Bag or Dry bag
    • You will more than likely have a lot of wet clothes so these are handy when packing. 
  • Wet shoes or Old Shoes
    • For kayaking and raft building you will need to wear some form of footwear in the water. For all other water activities, you will have to walk with wetsuits on so shoes/ flip flops are vital. 
  • Warm Outdoor Clothing
    • We are an outdoor activity centre. If it is raining we will still operate, we have a sheltered site that nothing short of a red weather warning stops us. It is your responsibility to have appropriate outdoor clothing. If nothing else at bringing a spare pair of clothes.
  • Rainproof outer layer 
    • Probably the most important part of all. You can pick up cheap ponchos in any supermarket outdoor store. It will make your experience so much better if it's raining. (Or at a minimum a spare pair of clothing that can act as an extra layer) 
  • Big packed lunch                                         
    • On a full day, you will be outside for over 6.5 hours doing several active experiences. Trust us you WILL be hungry. We have a small cafe on site that has snacks available. 
  • Refillable water bottle
    • We have a water fountain on site that you can refill your water bottle in between sessions.
  • € coins for the tuck shop
    • Our hot chocolates are famous!! We will also have our Lets Eat Takeaway cafe working on some days. Check with us in advance or pre book hot meals for the whole group.                                       
  • Waterproof sunblock 
    • Even on a cloudy day, this prevents wind burn. We can't overstate how important this is at all times of the year regardless of what the weather forecast says. 

What will the kids be doing in the summer camp throughout the week?

Our Explorers take part in over 10 different activity modules comprising of land, height and water activities each day while also gaining new friends and memories that will last a lifetime

They gain new skills in kayaking, archery, and wilderness skills. The perfect all round outdoor camp. 

New skills with new interests. Lots of our kids go away from the camp looking to do more in outdoors whether that is to study, learn new skills or pursue a job, they remember Ballyhass as their first outdoor experience. 

Will I be in the same group as my friends?

Yes, on the first morning when you are checking in please let us know here who you want to be in a group with and we will assign you and your friends all to the same group.

Do you keep lost property?

Yes, we do keep any lost property we find left on site. But please be aware we do get large quantities of lost property so we only keep certain items for up to 2 weeks.

Is this camp available in Mallow?

Yes, we have the Mallow Troopers which would be the equivalent of this camp in Mallow.

Does the Adventure Pass apply to this Summer Camp?

Yes! We do offer a discounted price to all our members. This camp is usually €210 online and Adventure Pass holders can get it for €191.

When is payment due?

When booking you have the choice of paying in full or paying a €50 deposit. You can then pay the remaining balance at a later date over the phone or when you arrive on the first day of camp.

Here is a great video on what to expect throughout the week including the checkin process 



Two amazing


Ballyhass Mallow


Ballyhass Coachford


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