Our Road to Adventure

We have been providing amazing outdoor experiences for over 15 years. Orginially we operated a marine lesuire facility in Kinsale, we now offer over 20 different outdoor activities from two amazing locations in Mallow & Coachford Co.Cork. And now, we are on a mission to inspire people to get everyone active outdoors! We are aiming to do this through Accesibility (Multiple Locations) Affordability (Adventure Pass and Inclusive events) & Education (showing you where to take your next adventure and providing you with the skills to do so.)

Our team offer all instructor led activities on a challenge by choice basis. In a nut shell, you go as far, high or intense as you want to go. Don't worry though, our team are experts at providing that extra bit of motivation when needed. We are the steeping stone for people to start their healthy and active outdoor lifestyles.

Our Core values are at the heart of everything we do. They guide the team each day to ensure they provide the best experience possible. They are there to remind us the importance of what we are doing and who we are doing it for. Modern life can be hectic but one thing that will stay constant, is the clear benefits of living a healthy outdoor lifestyle. Adventure is so important for all our development. 

Our mission is to inspire everyone to get active outdoors. Team Ballyhass is on the road to accomplish it!



Always enjoy what you do. Bring Passion and fun to the job every day. A smile is worth so much and remember it could be everyones one and only chance this year to have an outdoor adventure experience this year. We are here to make sure you remember it.

Core Values

  • ...

    Deliver the Best Possible Outdoor Experience

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    Committed to Safety Through Learning

  • ...

    Personality, Passion & Fun

  • ...

    Maximum Participation

  • ...

    Adapt Adjust & Accommodate

  • ...

    Engaging Communities

  • ...

    Champion of Outdoors

Our Team

We are Team Ballyhass! We would not be able to achieve what we have achieved over the years without the hard work and dedication from our entire Team. Right from the moment you visit Ballyhass you will see what we mean by teamwork and how it can deliver the best possible outdoor experience.

Meet the Team

Current Vacancies

Freelance Qualified Outdoor Activity Instructor

If you have experience and are qualified in any outdoor activities and are interested in working with Ballyhass on a freelance basis please send your CV, outlining your expereince and qualifications along with a cover letter to operations@ballyhass ie. Please put "Freelance Instructor Application" in the subject line while also outlining the time of year you are available to work.



Our Team

Ballyhass Adventure Group team has been..

Ballyhass Outdoor Project image

"Our Mission: To inspire everyone to be active outdoors. The Ballyhass Outdoor project aims to achieve this through various initiatives:"

The Ballyhass Outdoor Project is everything extra we are attempting to do in order to inspire everyone to get active outdoors. It is closely linked to our core values and something we are very passionate about. The project is revsited each year in order to see what we achieved and what we can do going forward. Some of the programs invloved incude; 


  • Ballyhass Outdoor Scholarship 
  • Monthly Inclusive Sponsored Group Days Out 
  • Women in Adventure 
  • Learn to Outdoor Adventure Courses 
  • Free intro to the Outdoor Events (included with our Adventure Passses)
  • Free use of our site for events and applicable outside organisations
  • Poster awerness campagins 
  • Get Outdoors seminars 
  • Outdoor Adventure Consulting 


Wakeboarding | Kayaking | Adventure Instructor Scholarships 


Status: Over 100 Scholars graduated through 16 week scholrship courses since 2016. 

Projected Timeline: Paused due to COVID, but due to return Septmember 2022 subject to government health guidelines. 

The scholarship program is an initative to get local students in Munster, introduced to outdoor sports and adventure in a 16 week course that is absoultely free for participants. With over 100 graduates off the scholarship already this has been a huge success for the participants with some either now working in the industry or presuing the outdoors for their education. 


Applications for the 2022 scholarship will open in August 2022 and all apllicants will need to apply online. Details will follow here and through our social channels. 


Popular Activities

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