Posted on: 03 Aug 2022

How Do We Train Our Staff? Multi-Activity Instructor at Ballyhass

Multi-Activity Instructors at Ballyhass

Here at Ballyhass we have so many different activities on land, water and height. That's why we train some of our qualifying instructors as Multi-Activity Instructors. These are people who have been trained to work on more than one activity! Ensuring that you get the best possible experience and safety delivery for your trip here.


How Do We Do It? 

All our staff start out as trainees in Ballyhass Mallow, Coachford or both. They go through an intensive and fast paced training program. Whether you are 6 minutes or 6 years in the industry everyone must go through our program so we are sure everyone is kept safe. This training program can be derived or awarded from National Governing Bodies (NGBs) ranging across local or international scales such as PHECC, WSA, ERCA or RLSS. 

To become a Multi-Activity Instructor on either site, trainees first start off by getting Basic and Intermediate training in our Land, Water and Height activities. They will then work alongside senior more experienced staff and shadow/assist them in delivering the best possible experience and safety through their own learning. After each session, trainees use our newly developed Health & Safety Software to log, monitor and view feedback/training that gets recorded for them. This is vital for their learning as each session will inform and drive their direction to become better. 

We know with repetition comes competency, therefore for our trainees to progress they need to complete a range of logs and milestones in order to progress towards assessments (yes… school doesn't stop here!). These assessments are completed by our Senior staff, also Trainers, to ensure that they meet the best Safety & Operational standards that we boast, and with ensuring they are good craic!
Once Trainees Progress their Learning by gaining experience and go through our Basic and Intermediate stages along with passing assessments (Ohhh, we are thorough) in Zip Line, Height Activities,Basic Survival Skills, Archery and the mighty Aquapark, they qualify themselves to be signed off as a Multi-Activity Instructor on Site.


What does this mean for Ballyhass? 

Well, for us as a company, it ensures our best practice and personal development keeps rising, for them comes sole responsibility to work alongside other Multi-Activity Instructors without the need to have senior staff with them and of course let's not forget the extra wage bump that comes with it! They can use skills they learned with us as they move up the outdoor activity ladder and into their futures.

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