Sustainability at Ballyhass Adventure Group: Our Commitment

At Ballyhass, with over 100,000 day visits yearly, we deeply understand our environmental and community responsibilities. As an outdoor adventure hub, we've ingrained sustainability into our DNA. Here's a concise overview:


1. Educating and Advocacy:

Awareness: We’re driving a culture of responsible tourism, with dedicated resources and adventure activities spotlighting sustainability.

Community: Our interactions with local communities revolve around sustainable practices and mutual respect.


2. Biodiversity at Lakeside Locations:

Site Pollinator Plans: Boosting pollinator health through specialized habitats, flowering plants, and minimizing pesticide use.

Pesticide Free Zones: Embracing natural pest control methods.

Wild Area Creation & Biodiversity Corridors: Encouraging native flora and fauna, supporting connectivity between varied habitats.

Aquatic Conservation: Vigilant water quality monitoring, pollution reduction, and collaborations for aquatic species conservation.


3. Carbon Zero by 2030:

Energy Efficient Buildings: Retrofitting facilities for reduced energy consumption. LED lights and sustainable heating/cooling methods are at the forefront.

Solar Power: Harnessing solar energy significantly, with ambitious plans to lean away from fossil fuels.

EV Charging Stations: Providing easy access for our visitors to recharge electric vehicles, aiming for an energy surplus by 2030.


4. Zero Waste Vision by 2026:

Circular Waste Systems: Emphasizing reuse and repurposing materials across all core activities.

Waste Reduction Targets: Striving for a 10% waste cut annually, with a larger 50% waste reduction goal over five years.

Amplified Recycling: Initiatives like compostable coffee streams and boosting recycling rates by 50% underline our commitments.


5. Water Stewardship:

Pollution Control: Best practices in waste management, water quality monitoring, and conservation collaborations ensure pristine water bodies.

Education and Inspiration: Our guests are educated on water conservation, driving a ripple effect of sustainable actions.

We're not just embracing sustainability; we're pioneering it in the outdoor adventure sector. Dive deeper into our commitments and progress on our Sustainability Page.

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