Posted on: 07 Sep 2022

How Do We Make Our Aqua Parks Safe?

How Do We Make Our Aqua Park's Safe?

Aqua Parks in Ireland are still a relatively new attraction for friends and family. The first one didn’t open in the UK until 2014 and Ireland followed in around 2016 with its first park. Since then loads have popped up around the country and who could blame us, they are so much fun!


How Do We Do It? 

We work with the RLSS on keeping our parks safe as well as training Open Water Lifeguards with Stand Up Paddle Boards to keep everyone safe and having fun on the parks. The RLSS created Ireland's first accreditation scheme for Aqua Parks, that means they introduced and recognised consistent safety standards for parks across Ireland and the UK. 

Parks don’t have to follow the RLSS Aqua Park guidelines but we do it because it lists out safety and operational features to keep everyone happy on the park. Every year the RLSS contact us to reaccredit our Mallow and Coachford Aqua Parks to make sure they are still in tip-top shape! 


What RLSS Aqua Park Level Are We? 

The RLSS have two standards, one called “Silver” which means we have the right documents, training, staffing and procedures for all of you to be able to have fun. Ballyhass has the “Gold” approval which means we have all that silver needs and we get our parks checked by a third party every single year. Ballyhass is the only Irish park with Gold standard safety from the RLSS in Ireland!


What Does This Mean For You?

If you have been to our Aquaparks you will also know every single person must wear a lifejacket and in colder weather a wetsuit. We also have loads of instructors with walkie-talkies SUPing around the parks and on the obstacles making sure everyone is having a blast. What you might not see is our instructors on the land in the office’s near the parks with radios watching and standing by in case anyone needs some help. 

There are loads of different ways we keep everyone safe on our activities, check out some of our other articles in the News section of the website to find out more! 

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