Posted on: 27 Jul 2022

How Do We Train Our Staff? WSA Stand Up Paddle-Board (SUP) Safety & Rescue At Ballyhass Adventure Group

WSA Stand Up Paddle-Board (SUP) Safety & Rescue At Ballyhass Adventure Group  


Here at Ballyhass we have so many activities for you to enjoy! Along with being associated with GBs, we provide high quality training for them too! We train our very own staff onsite so they know the area perfectly and have enjoyed training the outside groups and individuals that have passed through over the years through Ballyhass Commercial Training. Being associated with the WSA allows us to train our staff in SUP Safety & Rescue Operations on both sites, for when things can sometimes not go too according to plan, But We’ve Got You Covered!


How Do We Do It? 

To ensure you have a great time and are safe when you visit Ballyhass Adventure Group, we train our staff to be able for just about any situation that may arise across any day we wake up to. As part of keeping our Aquaparks safe we have trained staff on Stand Up Paddle Boards. 

These staff start out as trainees who show interest in learning to SUP and upskill through many SUP workshops learning SUP skills. Trainees pick up a new hobby and have the opportunity to progress and gain an internationally recognised award in Safety & Rescue. Within this award, candidates learn all about external factors that affect our sessions or their environment, local emergency numbers and correct information that can get communicated to the emergency services in the event that something happens on our tours or Aquaparks. To back up this information and situational know-how, they are trained in life saving techniques both on the SUP and off the SUP that ensure the best safety standards are circling our parks…. 

…. And no, the fins in the water aren't sharks! It would however be our staff performing continuous SUP rescue scenario workshops by recovering proposed injured participants of all injuries and ensuring that our emergency procedures are known off by heart.

Along with our SUP operators being this well trained, our identifiable staff, placed around wearing the Red t-shirts while supervising our aquapark get similar training from the WSA Water Park Safety qualified staff and RLSS trainers. Our Instructor lead sessions really ensure that there will always be someone highly trained keeping you all safe!


What does this mean for Ballyhass? 

Ballyhass are delighted to be supported and awarded a Gold Standard from the RLSS approving our Aquapark Operational and Equipment Standards. Our instructors can carry on the skills they learn with us into their futures. 

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